Your computer is turned off, please try again in 60 minutes. How to Fix?

With a certain probability, each of us may face a situation when on our own we will have to go through the most reliable and indestructible Apple security barrier – iCloud PIN Lock or locking a Mac computer using your (or any other) iCloud account.

There can be quite a few reasons:

  • For example, a friend made fun of you.
  • You became a victim of hackers.
  • You forgot your password, which is not always so easy to recover.

What exactly happened to you, and how to fix such a situation.

Firstly – if you are not the first or not the only owner of a Mac – talk to previous users, friends, or colleagues – most likely, the MacBook was remotely locked via the Find My Mac / Find My iPhone app or via the iCloud web interface.

It’s also worth noting that you (or another user) may have accidentally enabled File Vault’s data protection/encryption feature.

With such a lock, you will not be able to do absolutely anything with your Mac: without a code (or iCloud password), you will not even be able to select a boot volume, booting from another HDD / SSD connected via a standard SATA interface will also not give any results, since at the hardware level the motherboard itself is blocked.

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Certain information is then stored in a ROM chip on the motherboard of your MacBook. Even though you can still find blog entries and separate pages describing “simple” solutions on the Internet, it is challenging to fix the problem. In most cases, you will still have to contact Apple technical support or a service center. However, you can try to perform several operations yourself.

If you or someone from your colleagues performed the Lock, and you are sure that the password is correct, but it did not fit, or after several attempts to enter, you see the message “Your computer is turned off. Please try again in 60 minutes”/” Your Mac is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes” try booting your Mac in recovery mode (Alt + Cmd + R), or reset the NVRAM first (Alt + Cmd + R + P). In some (exceptional) cases, booting into recovery mode can help you get your Mac back to functionality. In doing so, the system can perform a network restore using Apple servers.

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If it was not possible to achieve a positive result, you still have to contact the service center or Apple technical support.

To do this, you will need to confirm purchasing a computer: answers to security questions and a receipt and a box from the MacBook will help.

Summing up, we can note again:

If you immediately see 4 or more windows for entering a numeric or a string for entering a symbolic password on the screen of your Mac when you turn it on, the device is locked remotely through an iCloud account.

If you see a message – “Your computer is turned off. Please try again in 60 minutes”/” Your Mac is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes”- the password attempt limit has probably been exceeded. After 60 minutes, the computer will shut down or restart.

In most cases, you will need to contact Apple technical support or a specialized service center to unlock the device. You will be assisted in unlocking the device only when confirming the ownership of the laptop. Such confirmation can be a box and a purchase receipt with a preserved serial number of the device. Of course, the serial number on the MacBook motherboard, on its case, and the box/receipt must match. They may differ if you have ever contacted service centers to replace the motherboard or the bottom of the case.

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We can say that replacing (especially repeated) the motherboard in this case is an extreme measure and unprofitable. If you are faced with a similar problem – contact our specialists for a free consultation. We will always be happy to help you!

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