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You can search through a user’s tweets on Twitter for iPhone

Justin duino

Twitter has quietly added a new feature that lets you go to a person’s profile and search all of their tweets for any specific word or phrase. This can be very useful in deciding if you want to follow someone.

When you click on someone’s profile in the Twitter app for iPhone , you will notice a small magnifying glass superimposed on his cover photo. If you click on that, you can type whatever you want in the search box to see if the person has ever Tweeted a certain search term, regardless of what that term is.

XDA developers They first noticed that the feature had been rolled out for all users, and I checked my Twitter app and the new search feature is there.

Find the tweets of a Twitter user

It is important to note that technically this is not a new feature for Twitter. You have always been able to search for a user’s tweets by typing «from: [nombre de usuario de Twitter] [término de búsqueda]” in Twitter’s main search box . The big difference is that many people don’t realize the functionality exists, and the new search icon in the profile puts it front and center.

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It will be interesting to see if the prominence of the search function leads to a new generation of people getting fired for things they tweeted in the past. Sure, the dedicated Twitter users You probably knew the option to search for old tweets for some time, but now more people will know it’s there and can dig up old tweets more easily.

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