Windows and Android are two of the most widely used operating systems worldwide, in both cases their respective developers (Microsoft and Google) in each new version introduce changes and functions that improve the user experience. Such is the case of Windows 11, the new Microsoft operating system already allows you to install Android applications.

However, there are developers outside of both companies who also do their bit to offer tools such as WSATools that allow users to install more applications than those offered by Windows 11, but it also allows us to make backup copies of all the applications that we have installed in this operating system.


WSATools already allows you to make backup copies of applications installed in Windows 11

Initially, the tool WSATools It allowed to install applications in Windows 11, thus allowing users to not only have those offered by Amazon AppStore, but anyone who we want to install.

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But now WSATools not only allows you to install, but also to perform a backup of installed applications in Windows 11 in case you have to perform maintenance on your equipment, in this way we can always keep our applications safe.

WSATools allows you to make backup copies
WSATools allows you to make backup copies

If at any time we make a copy of our applications and we have to restore them, it is quite simple, we only have to go to data restoration to restore them, then we just connect with our credentials to finish the process.

Thanks to this new function added to the WSATools tool, we can restore our applications in Windows 11 without further complication.

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