If you work with video files frequently and need a tool that can do it all and get it right, look no further than Wondershare UniConverter 13. Here’s an in-depth review of everything it is capable of.

When working with video, it is essential to convert files to other formats, compress them to save storage space, and edit them in a variety of ways. This has traditionally been a frustrating process, as most toolbox-style video software and services are generally clumsy and slow. Still, thanks to Wondershare UniConverter , This is not the case. The software runs great and has tons of features, and it is also very affordable. Here’s a look at everything the latest version of the software, Wondershare UniConverter 13, has to offer.

Convert and compress video files in batch efficiently

Above all, the main thing that makes Wondershare UniConverter 13 a great piece of software is how powerful its conversion and compression functions are. It can quickly convert video files to all popular formats in seconds. You can also convert batches of files at a time, and Wondershare UniConverter 13 has a 200% conversion speed improvement compared to previous versions of UniConverter. You can also use UniConverter to convert audio files, which is great.

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The process of converting or compressing video files with UniConverter is simple and easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Download and install Wondershare UniConverter 13.
  2. Launch the software.
  3. Login with your Wondershare ID .
  4. Add the videos to UniConverter and choose to compress or convert.
  5. If you convert videos, be sure to select your preferred format before converting.

In terms of video compression, the software does an excellent job of significantly reducing the video file size without loss of visual quality. This allows you to keep your videos as sharp as they were before compressing them, which is fantastic. Besides, you can also compress multiple video files with one click, saving you a lot of time.

Edit, record, download, combine and more

Second, Wondershare UniConverter 13 also features a set of convenient tools and features that users will love. These include a simple video editor for cropping, a screen recorder for gamers and educators, a video download feature that is compatible with countless websites for movie lovers and music fans, a tool that allows you to merge videos, a process that allows you to burn video or audio files to CD and DVD, and more.

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While most users probably won’t use all these tools, the fact that Wondershare UniConverter 13 has them all ready is incredibly convenient. The software has one tool for everything, so you’ll be covered no matter what you need.

A clean user interface and excellent performance

Finally, Wondershare UniConverter 13 also has an incredibly clean and easy-to-use user interface. While many other video software packages are confusing and full of unnecessary information, UniConverter keeps things simple and only shows you what is important.

The software is also very light in terms of system resources and because of this you will never have to worry about your machine slowing down while using UniConverter. This is in stark contrast to most other options that tend to hog your system’s computing power, making it difficult for you to do anything else while in use.

Wondershare UniConverter 13 is the ultimate all-in-one video toolbox

illustration showing how the video stands out

Thanks to its great video compression and conversion features, its various useful and convenient video tools, and its clean user interface and stellar performance, Wondershare UniConverter 13 is the ultimate all-in-one video toolbox. There is also a cloud version only in line from Online UniConverter available.

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In particular, it is also quite affordable compared to other options, which is amazing since you get fantastic performance for your money. This is especially true right now because right now you have the opportunity to get coupons, gift card credit, and more by purchasing Wondershare UniConverter (be sure to check out the sales promotion page ). Overall, effective video conversion, compression, and more have never been more affordable and accessible. Be sure to head over to the official software download page for both Windows as for Mac .

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