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Windows 11 will be officially launched at the end of the year, many of our devices will be update for free, but in some users, even if it is free, they will not be able to access due to the requirements of the system that require the new version of the operating system Microsoft.

But if you meet the requirements and don’t want to wait until the end of the year to try Windows 11 you can enter the Insider program from Microsoft, from where you can go testing all the advances that the Redmond will add to their new Windows.

Windows Insider Blank Screen Solution
Windows Insider Blank Screen Solution

How to fix a blank screen that appears when you sign up for Windows Insider

Many users have written to us on our social networks about a specific problem when participating in the Program. This issue has to do with the page accessed to participate, but unfortunately remains blank and it does not load the data.

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So we have the solution, if you want to enter Windows Insider and you are experiencing this problem, calm down, we have the solution.

  • The first and most important thing is to update our Windows 10What’s more, before going to the Insider program, check if you don’t have any pending updates.
  • The second thing is to go to Settings and then we head to Privacy and finally Comments and diagnosis.
  • The third, we select Diagnostic data and later Optional diagnostic data.
  • The fourth thing is to go to Update and security -> Windows Insider Program.

Once the steps are finished, the following message will appear:

Join the Windows Insider program to preview Windows 10 and submit feedback to improve Windows.

Finally, we just have to click on start to configure our computer and participate in the program. Once your computer updates to Windows 11 you will be able to try all the novelties that this new operating system incorporates.

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