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Windows 11 has different sound effects for dark mode

Windows 11 is scheduled to start imminently, and we’ve just learned some interesting new information about system sounds in the operating system. It seems like Microsoft will change the sounds when in dark mode and make the sounds more pleasant overall.

Windows 11 system sounds

When it is in dark mode in Windows 11 system sounds generally get softer and echo a bit, creating a more relaxing experience that matches the overall look and feel of dark mode. When you return to light mode, the system sounds return to their normal level.

Windows 11 dark mode

However, while the light mode has slightly louder sounds than the dark mode, Microsoft has taken great care to ensure that the audio is smoother, according to a report from CNBC .

The designers of Windows 11 were inspired by an approach called quiet technology. Microsoft’s Christian Koehn and Diego Baca wrote about quiet technology in a Medium post . In it, they said, “Windows 11 facilitates this through foundational experiences that feel familiar, soften the previously intimidating user interface, and increase emotional connection.”

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Many Windows 10 users turn off system sounds in the operating system because they find them intrusive or jarring, but hopefully that won’t be a problem with Windows 11.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to CNBC, “the new sounds have a much rounder wavelength, which makes them softer so they can still alert / notify you, but without being overwhelming.”

If you do not have Windows 11 installed on your operating system, the publication of CNBC it has many of the system sounds built in so you can hear them yourself. They follow a similar pattern to current Windows sounds, but arguably a bit less jarring than before.

What other surprises does Windows 11 have?

Microsoft is releasing a steady stream of new features for Windows 11 , each a little more exciting than the last. These subtle changes in system sounds may not seem like a big deal, but consider how many people hear these sounds on a daily basis. Making the audio more suited to the dark mode look and making the audio more relaxing overall is a welcome change.

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