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Windows 11 default command line catches up with Mac and Linux

Microsoft is making a significant change to its command line experience in Windows 11, as the company is changing the default to Windows Terminal . This creates an experience that is more competitive with Mac and Linux.

The company published a blog post on Windows terminal and talked about plans for the future. “Over the course of 2022, we plan to make Windows Terminal the default experience on Windows 11 devices. We will start with the Windows Insider program and begin to move through the rings until we get to everyone on Windows 11, ”Microsoft said.

Of course, if you are a big fan of Windows Terminal and you want to use it now, you can change the default in Windows 11. There are three places you can change it: the developer settings page of Windows settings, inside Windows Terminal settings on the home page and within the host property sheet of the Windows console.

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Once Microsoft changes the experience from the default command line to Windows Terminal, you can go to those same places to come back if you don’t like Windows Terminal or if you are using some kind of older software that relies on a different command line.

This is a significant change for Microsoft. As the company notes, “Since the dawn of Windows, the default terminal emulator has always been the Windows console host, conhost.exe «.

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