Windows 11 is officially here . Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system, and it turns out that the company is bringing some Windows 11 features to Windows 10 computers, including the improved Windows 11 store.

If you are not sure whether upgrade to Windows 11 Perhaps the thought of getting Windows 11 Store on your Windows 10 computer might make you want to stick with the older version of Windows for a little longer.

In a blog post recent About the Windows 11 Store, Microsoft said: “The new Microsoft Store is now available in Windows 11 and we are pleased to share that it will also be available to Windows 10 customers in the coming months! We will share more details about that soon. “

The Windows 11 Store will allow you download apps that were previously unavailable in the Microsoft store . For example, you can download other app stores like Epic Games Store. The way it works in Windows 10 is very limiting, preventing you from getting all the apps you want. However, you can get most of the apps you want with the new one.

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Of course, there are many other Windows 11 features which may make you want to upgrade, but if the new Store was one of the main reasons you were thinking of upgrading, you might want to wait.

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