The Google Assistant has many features that are perfect for families, especially those with speakers Y screens smart. “Family Bell” allows you to schedule announcements to keep your house running smoothly. We’ll show you what it can do.

What is Google Bell Family Assistant?

Family Bell by Google lets you create custom ads and interactive checklists on a schedule. Ads can be delivered to Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays, as well as Android devices.

enable or disable ads

Creating the ads is simple. Enter a message you want Google Assistant to announce, choose the time and days for the announcement, then choose the devices it will play on.

Interactive checklists are a bit different. It starts out the same as regular ads, but then you can add items to complete. The Google Assistant will guide you through the list as you check items on the screen or with your voice.

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Why you should use Family Bell

Checklist in Nest Hub.

Family Bell is an indispensable tool to keep your house running with routines. There are tons of different things you can do with it, but I’ll share a couple of examples from my own personal use:

Bedtime with kids can be challenging, but having a routine to stick to makes it a lot easier. Every night before bed, the Family Bell announces that there are “5 minutes until clean-up time.” This gives my son time to finish whatever he is playing and starts our nightly routine.

Speaking of bedtime, this is also a great use for the list function check . You can create a list of things that your kids need to do before they go to bed. Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, etc. They can bookmark the items themselves and feel fulfilled.

The morning is another prime time for routines. I have a Family Bell set for weekday mornings that says “Time to put on your shoes.” This ensures that we do not lose track of time and arrive late to school. You can also create a checklist to get ready in the morning.

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not just for kids

What I really like about Family Bell is that it takes some of the responsibility off me. I don’t have to watch the clock every morning and night. I can be present with my son and let Google tell me when it’s time to do something.

There are so many things in a day to remember, removing some of them can go a long way. It is not only useful for people with children. Maybe you lose track of time easily in the morning. A bell could help you get out the door on time. Or maybe you have a task that you only need to do once a week. A bell can help you remember it.

Overall, it’s just a useful feature to keep you and your home running smoothly. Lighten your mental load and let Google Assistant take care of some of your routines. It’s there when you need it not when not you need it. You’ll thank me later.

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