Why iPhone sometimes lowers screen brightness a lot?

While playing on the iPhone, I periodically notice that the smartphone reduces the display’s brightness and stops adjusting it. The first time I was terrified. Over time, everything returns to normal. What’s the matter?

The drop in iPhone brightness without the possibility of increasing is most often due to its overheating. The screen’s regular operation will be restored as soon as the gadget’s temperature drops to a safe limit.

The iPhone is very hot due to the following reasons.

???? initial setup of a smartphone or restore from a backup;

???? being in direct sunlight;

???? charging your smartphone;

???? work with massive games or laborious processes;

???? continuous work with GPS.

Current iPhone models rarely overheat for one of these reasons. Most often, a severe increase in the temperature of the gadget happens under the confluence of several circumstances.

For example, when launching games and connecting a smartphone to a charger, when charging an iPhone in a tight case with a powerful power supply, operating the navigator in direct sunlight.

The operating temperature range for the iPhone is limited from 0 to + 35 ° C. If the internal temperature of the gadget goes beyond the maximum limit, a protective mechanism is activated.

In this case, there may be such problems with the iPhone:

???? the brightness of the display decreases without the possibility of adjustment;

???? smartphone performance drops, and it may slow down;

???? charging is slower, and wireless charging may turn off altogether;

???? the flash of the smartphone may not work;

???? In case of very strong overheating, the smartphone will temporarily turn off and display a corresponding notification on the screen.

All this is normal behavior of a smartphone when overheating, do not worry. If one or more “symptoms” appear, you should leave the iPhone for a while to normalize its temperature.

In the future, you should understand what factors affect the overheating of the device and try to exclude a few of them.

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