Why can’t I install macOS Big Sur over the network? Error 2002f

I’m trying to do a clean install of macOS Big Sur with a network boot (Catalina won’t boot due to some error), but after a few minutes of waiting, I get error 2002f. How to fix it?

We’ve covered all the ways to update your operating system to macOS Big Sur on any compatible Mac. If you are forced to stop at the network system restore, you may encounter errors while downloading Apple servers’ data.

Users have encountered this error all over the world for several years. The thing is that during the recovery, the computer downloads data from Apple servers and performs a remote check for binding to a specific Apple ID account. The error occurs exclusively in the second case, but the download will not continue without it.

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How to fix error 2002f in Apple?

On thematic forums and when contacting support, such a problem is recommended to be solved as follows:

1. Restart the computer and the router through which the network connection is made.

2. Change the DNS settings of the router from to Google’s public DNS8.8.8.8.

3. Connect your Mac to the router using an ethernet cable.

4. Try to boot the system by connecting to a different network.

Such actions do not help everyone, and the error continues to interfere with installing the system.

How else can you fix error 2002f?

Online users have found a simpler and more affordable solution that helps to avoid this error. To prevent the computer from receiving a check for linking to an Apple ID account during a network recovery, you must first disconnect it from your account.

Check your Apple ID device list to see where you're signed in - Apple  Support

1. From any device, go to the Apple ID Account Management page and log in.

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2. In the Devices section, find the Mac to reinstall the system over the Internet.

3. Unlink this Mac from your account.

After that, the corresponding check will not occur during installation, and the error 2002f will not happen.

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