The whatsapp restricted groups they have come to stay due to their incredible characteristics, it is very common that on many occasions the groups are used by annoying people.

And of course, this is undoubtedly something that can drive us crazy, and on many occasions we even want to uninstall the messaging application.

WhatsApp restricted groups
WhatsApp restricted groups

In short, this would become a tremendous chaos, and much more if that whatsapp group of our work, and from which we will not be able to get out easily so as not to create problems.

To avoid possible misunderstandings between the different users who live in this group, today we offer you the possibility of whatsapp restricted groups.

And in turn, all the steps you must follow to ensure that this functionality complies with all its agreed characteristics.

What does this mean? Well, when creating a group on WhatsApp, only those users who need it will be able to write, while the others will only be attentive to the information sent by the group.

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This whole process is what is known as the whatsapp restricted groups.

Keep in mind that you should only follow our steps and recommendations, in this way you can be totally sure that you will be able to achieve the expected results.

Restricted WhatsApp groups Follow these steps and discover this feature!

Therefore, to proceed with the creation of one or more whatsapp restricted groups, what we must do is create a new group as we would normally do.

We will choose all those users that we want to be part of it, and we only have to choose those who can send messages and those who cannot.

Next, we show you all the steps you must follow to create the acquaintances whatsapp restricted groups.

Step 1:

As a first step, we must open the messaging application on our mobile device.

Step 2:

We are going to press on the option of the three positions, these are in the upper right part of the application.

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Step 3:

We must select the “New group” option, this will appear as the first option to choose.

Step 4:

We will only have to add all the participants, they must be previously added to our contact list.

WhatsApp restricted groups How to do it?
WhatsApp restricted groups How to do it?

Step 5:

Remember that you will need to provide a name for this group.

Step 6:

Proceed to press on the upper part, where we can find all the information that is related to said group.

Step 7:

Scroll to the bottom where you will find the list of all the users that are part of the whatsapp restricted groups.

Step 8:

We are going to press on those users to make them administrators of the group, which later will be the only ones able to send messages.

Step 9:

We touch on each of the users and we must make them administrators of the group.

Step 10:

Next, within the information of said group, we look for the option that is called «Group settings», and we only have to press on it.

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Step 11:

Now we just have to click on the “Send Messages” option, remember that you must select the administrators in the window that will open.

Step 12:

As part of the last step, we are going to have to press “OK” so that all the steps we have carried out are saved correctly.

After we have successfully carried out all the steps that we have mentioned, only the administrators of the group will have the power to do so. send messages in groups restricted by WhatsApp.

As you may have already noticed, there is no doubt that the steps are very easy to follow and are not complicated at all, what are you waiting for to create your own whatsapp restricted groups?

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