In this article we will explain the steps you must follow to create a whatsapp camera widgetall this easily and simply on your Android mobile device.

This is how you will have direct access to this camera function, keep in mind that it is a well-known function and currently used by thousands of users.

In this way you can be totally sure of easily accessing these processes, much more so if you are one of those people who send many photos by email. WhatsApp.

WhatsApp camera widget
WhatsApp camera widget

The first thing we will have to do is create the Android camera widget, for this you will have to leave your finger pressed on the desktop background of your mobile device.

Somehow or another, we must point out that a menu will appear where you can create a whatsapp camera widgetyou just have to create it.

After selecting this option you will go directly to a list of Widgets, in it you will have to go to where the WhatsApp Widgets are.

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Being at that point you will have to find a way to create a whatsapp camera widgetyou will only have to press on the WhatsApp Widget icon, and slide but without releasing it.

You will realize that the screen will proceed to close and you will be able to place it in any part of your mobile desktop that you want; and voila, you will have already created the WhatsApp camera widget to be created.

After creating a WhatsApp Camera Widget: you will be able to access it

Now you will have to click on the WhatsApp camera button, which you have created and placed on the desktop with the previous steps, which we have described.

This means that after create a whatsapp camera widgetit will open directly in WhatsApp, but yes, not on the main screen but only the camera function.

Create WhatsApp Camera Widgets
Create WhatsApp Camera Widgets

At this point you can take a photo, record a video or simply choose one that is on your device; This means that you can use this Widget to do practically the same thing as with the one in WhatsApp.

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Once we’re done with create a whatsapp camera widgetand do what we want, edit the photos easily crop the photo, add text, stickers and some other element.

When you are ready, you will only have to click on the accept button, now you will be in the interface to publish the photo or video in your status, or send it to one of your contacts.

What did you think of the way create a whatsapp camera widget? Without a doubt, this is a process that is carried out more efficiently, with direct access to the camera.

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