We start February 2022 with a new version of Google Chrome. Version 98 of the popular browser brings a new “Privacy Guide” to check some important settings, cleaner emojis, and a new screenshot tool. We’ll see.

privacy guide

Complete privacy guide.

One of the biggest new features in Chrome 98 is called “Privacy Guide.” This is still hidden behind a flag, but it appears to be close to being ready for primetime. The Privacy Guide is a tool that helps you check the privacy and security of your browser.

Available on desktop and mobile devices with the flag chrome://flags/#privacy-review the Privacy Guide can be found in the “Security and privacy” settings. It’s a nice guided tour through some of the settings that allow you to lock down your privacy. You don’t have to go looking for options yourself.

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most beautiful emoji

Cleaner emojis in Chrome 98

Chrome 98 is implementing a new COLRv1 color gradient vector font set. What that means for you is emoji that can scale better and come in smaller file sizes. This is due in large part to switching to vector formats from PNG . It’s not something you’ll notice with small emojis, but when you zoom in, you can see a pretty big improvement. See for yourself with this website.

Take screenshots in the browser

Is not difficult take a screenshot with windows or Mac but it requires clipping part of the browser window that you might not want to include. Chrome 98 makes it easier with a built-in screenshot tool. However, it is not yet stable, you will need to enable these two flags to use it:

  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots
  • chrome://flags/#sharing-desktop-screenshots-edit

At the time of writing, the “Edit” feature doesn’t work yet, but you can download screenshots.

Update, 2/2/22: Unfortunately, when we tested this feature in the final stable version of Chrome 98, we discovered that it was broken. Hopefully Google will improve its stability soon.

When you click the share icon in the address bar, you will see a new “Screenshot” option. Also, Chrome for Android is testing the ability to add emojis to screenshots. This can be found by enabling the flag chrome://flags/#lightweight-reactions-android. Adds a new “Add emotion” button to the sharing menu.

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The best looking web apps become stable

PWA top bar
The new top bar, at the bottom, is more compact than the old one, at the top.

Google was testing a more “native” looking top bar for web apps in Chrome 97 and is now stable in Chrome 98. The top bar makes better use of available space for things like search bars. It takes up less space overall and looks a bit better. you can taste it installing this demo site as an app .

What else is new?

Google now releases all versions of Chrome every four weeks, which means big, flashy features aren’t as frequent. However, there is still a lot going on below the surface. You can read about many of these changes at google developer site, as well as in the chromium blog . We will highlight a few changes here:

  • Chrome 98 allows you to specify whether window.open() open a new window or a new tab .
  • Origin’s new test for Region Capture, a API to trim own capture video track .
  • The back/forward cache (or bfcache) is a new browser optimization that allows instant back/forward navigation.
  • The Lighthouse panel now runs Lighthouse 9.
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How to update Google Chrome

Chrome will automatically install the update on your device when it’s available. To verify and install immediately available updates click the three-dot menu icon and click Help > About Google Chrome.

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