What to do if an Apple ID window appears suddenly?

Some family members recently told me they received a message pop-up on their iPhones and Macs asking them to re-enter the password for their Apple ID associated with their iCloud. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I have no idea how common it is, but it was peculiar to see it so close to home (literally).

Luckily, I have spread being skeptical of entering your password in a floating window that you do not expect and both my wife and my father asked me if it was legitimate. It may say ‘Apple ID Verification’ on it and it may appear on the iOS / iPadOS home screen or as a system window on macOS.

Can you imagine that a malware creating something similar would be an effective (albeit short-lived) way to get user passwords. In fact, a researcher managed to find a bug in 2015 (quickly fixed) that allowed an email to display suspiciously accurate dialogue.

In the cases that I have seen, however, it is totally legitimate, although the reason for its appearance was totally mysterious. Now, you can do this to see why:

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1. Click or tap on ‘Cancel’ or ‘Not now’, depending on what appears in the dialog.

2. Go to ‘Settings’> ‘Account Name’ on iOS or iPadOS, the iCloud preferences panel on Mojave or earlier, or the Apple ID preferences panel on Catalina or later.

3. Depending on the system and version, an alert, window or button should indicate that there has been a problem with your login and ask you to re-enter your password. Enter your password.

Four. The problem should be solved.

If not, check the Apple services status page, paying particular attention to whether the Apple ID section has a green light. If not, contact Apple Support, as there is something wrong with your Apple ID account.

If you don’t see anything from point 3, it is most likely an attempt to phishingBut it is most likely an Apple problem considering the way threats are presented today.

We recommend that you also visit this tutorial: How to fix an iPhone asking for Apple ID and iCloud password.

Original article published in Macworld US.

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