With the help of alexa virtual assistant we can carry out many tasks and functions, well in addition to this we have many modes at our disposal, such as the super alexa mode.

As you already know, Alexa is known for being Amazon’s virtual assistant, which is available on all those Echo devices.

How to activate super Alexa mode?
How to activate it?

In addition to this, Alexa virtual assistant can also be incorporated into mobile devices and even tablets; We all know that virtual assistants are all the rage right now.

Well, there is the well-known super alexa mode that this virtual assistant offers us and about which we will talk to you in more depth and why you should know it if you have Alexa in your home.

First of all, we must say that this mode can be used on any device that interacts with Alexa, from the Echo, to those that have the application for the mobile device.

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Well, within the Alexa configuration we can find many modes, which are executed and when doing so they will tell you some funny activation phrase.

If you want to activate the super alexa mode You will have to mention a series of commands to this assistant, after finishing pronouncing it, you will be informed that the mode is activated.

If you want to know about how to activate the super alexa modethis is the right post to help you achieve it.

What utility does the Super Alexa mode have?

The peculiarity that the super alexa modeis that it immediately detects that you are trying to activate it, and in the event that you make a mistake, it will notify you immediately that the command is not the right one.

However, we must tell you that this functionality is absolutely useless, and it is just a joke that is shared from Alexa with all users.

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Please note that after activating the super alexa mode the assistant will not change anything, neither aesthetics nor operation; and much less in offering you extra features.

This activates the Super Alexa mode

For you to proceed to activate the super alexa mode and with them you can cause yourself a little laugh, you only have to speak to the assistant although it also works if you speak to your mobile device.

Remember that there is currently a mobile application for both Android and iOS and to achieve this you will have to do the following:

Command for Super Alexa mode

Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

It should be noted that when you proceed to say this command, you must mention the letter B and A in Spanish but the word Start in English.

After that, Alexa will tell you that the super alexa mode was successfully activated as follows:

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Din, din, din, the code is correct, downloading updates.

What did you think of the mode super alexa? Although it is useless in terms of a particular function, it will make you get some smiles.

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