We can define Reddit It is a social network where all its users have the possibility to share all kinds of content such as texts, images and videos, allowing them to interact with all the published content

Its creation was due to Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2015, and they followed as an example some models of other types of news aggregators that were used fifteen years ago, as well as Digg.


We can say that Reddit It is a huge news board, where practically everything enters and its users can post multiple types of news.

But not only that, but also projects, curiosities, among many others; it is a platform managed by its users themselves, they are the ones who decide what is of interest, what is important and what is not.

This is one of the best known websites on the entire internet, just by telling you that Reddit is in the top 25 of Alexa as the most viewed worldwide.

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Only in Spain, it is located among the 30 most visited, of course according to the same source. Every day there are millions of users who publish, vote and also comment on communities that form topics that interest them.

If you want to know much more information about Reddit and how you can access it, then in this article we will show you the way in which you can achieve it correctly.

Registration and access on Reddit Easy and hassle free!

We must bear in mind that in order to access Reddit, we do it from its official website, and the best of all is that we won’t have to download anything at all.

However, we must point out that it still offers completely free applications for Android and iOS; offering us the option of following the progress of the communities we follow or registering in said service.

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Next, we will show you step by step the recommendations that you must follow, in order to register safely in Reddit.

reddit log
Register on Reddit

Step 1:

You should go to its official website, reddit.com, and proceed to click on the top right of the screen.

On the button that offers you the option to “Register”.

Step 2:

Already after pressing on said option, you will be able to observe that it will appear that we can register with Google or Apple; We just have to enter our email and fill out the form.

Step 3:

But yes, to be able to open an account in Reddit We must be over 13 years old, if so, just continue with the process.

Step 4:

As the last step to have your account in Reddit, you will only need to create a username and password, confirm your entry in the “Register” button, and you will be able to use it.

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It should be noted that after all this, Reddit it will proceed to ask you for some of your favorite tasks; with the aim of being able to recommend communities or boards that may interest you.

After we have created our profile, we can customize the avatar that will identify us within the website.

In addition to being able to consult applications, different types of topics, we can vote and therefore also comment.

What do you think Reddy? Remember that if you want to register you just have to follow the steps that I mentioned, remember to do it to the letter so as not to make mistakes.

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