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What is Festivus and how are the Seinfeld holidays celebrated?

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For some, the most important holiday in December falls on the 23rd. That is the day to celebrate Festivus, the party made up of an episode of Seinfeld , which has since taken on a life of its own.

What is Festivus?

At episode of 1997 of Seinfeld “The Strike”, Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) explains the tradition of Festivus, which he invented as an alternative to Christmas, calling it “a Festivus for the rest of us.” It’s a weird and unpleasant celebration that’s perfect for the volatile Frank to unleash on his neurotic son George (Jason Alexander).

Festivus was inspired by a similar holiday invented by author Daniel O’Keefe, father of Dan O’Keefe, a writer and editor of stories from Seinfeld who co-wrote “The Strike.” Dan O’Keefe took elements of his family’s unique traditions and combined them with ideas from others. writers of Seinfeld .

How to celebrate Festivus

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As Frank Costanza explains in “The Strike”, there are three key elements to celebrating Festivus, which always takes place on December 23rd. It starts with the Festivus pole, an unadorned aluminum pole that is the Christmas version of a Christmas tree. “Does not require decoration. I find the tinsel distracting, ”says Frank Costanza of the stark Christmas accessory.

At the Festivus dinner, families participate in the “Complaint Broadcast”, sharing how they have been disappointed in each other over the past year. After that come the “feats of strength,” wrestling-style matches that were uncomfortable and humiliating for poor George Costanza as a child.

Anyone who isn’t a sitcom character might want to make his expression of grievances and feats of strength a little less intense and vindictive, though Frank Costanza probably wouldn’t approve.

More information about Festivus

In the years since “The Strike” aired, real-life Festivus celebrations have become so popular that several books have been written about the holiday, including Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us by Allen salkin Y Festivus The Book de Mark R. Nelson : A Complete Vacation Guide for the Rest of Us . Dan O’Keefe himself wrote about his family’s traditions in his book The Real Festivus: The True Story Behind America’s Favorite Made-up Holiday .

Of course, the best place to learn about Festivus is at the fountain. All nine seasons and 180 episodes of Seinfeld streamed on Netflix ($ 8.99 + per month), and “The Strike,” which is the 10th episode of the last season, is a highlight of the series.

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