The SOS mode is a functionality that most Android devices offer, to notify trusted family and friends in the event of an emergency at some point.

But how does the SOS emergency? This functionality is capable of sending a text message, the same one that contains our exact location, and it is sent to one of our contacts added to a list. To activate the SOS mode and proceed to send the message, you must then press at least 5 times the power button from your mobile phone.

How to activate SOS Mode
How to activate SOS Mode

After that, the message will proceed to be sent automatically; remember that to make use of the SOS mode On our Android device, we must first create a list of emergency contacts.

In addition to what we have already explained to you, the SOS mode It will also offer us the option to automatically send our call history, in this way our emergency contacts will have more clues about our whereabouts.

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Do you want to know much more information about the functionality SOS mode? In this article you can find everything related.

Remember that in LogMod We care about your safety, in this way we offer you all this information about the SOS emergency.

SOS mode Learn how to activate it on your Android device!

In some cases the SOS emergency It is activated on some devices, but in the event that this functionality is not activated on your device, then we will offer you the steps you must take.

Step 1:

Access the settings option of your device Android, you will be able to see the configuration icon.

How to activate SOS Mode
How to activate SOS Mode

Step 2:

Go down among the options that you have at your disposal, and access the option “Advanced Functions or Security”.

How to activate SOS Mode
How to activate SOS Mode

Step 3:

To activate the SOS mode, you must scroll through the multiple options and click on the option «Activate the Emergency SOS ».

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How to activate SOSSOS Mode
Activate Emergency SOS

Step 4:

Move to your right the switch that you will be able to observe, from this signature you would be activating the functionality of SOS mode.

Step 5:

Press the square to agree with the terms and conditions, after that you just have to press “I accept”.

Step 6:

Keep in mind that it will be necessary to add several contacts to your emergency list, for that you will only have to press the “Add” option.

Step 7:

In case you want to add an existing contact to your list, you just have to click on it and that’s it.

You will have finished all this configuration, you will already have the SOS mode on your android device

There is no doubt that these steps are extremely simple, remember that to send the message of SOS emergency you must press the power button several times.

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