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What does OFC mean and how is it used?

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Has someone in your contacts attached “ofc” to all their messages? Read on to find out what this popular internet abbreviation means.

Of course!

OFC is an Internet abbreviated acronym for “of course.” It’s used on the chats on line as a shorthand when you don’t want to type the entire sentence. You can also use OFC in tweets, Youtube comments, or other social media posts. You can type this abbreviation in both lowercase and uppercase; however, the lowercase “ofc” is significantly more common in text messages.

OFC is often used to reiterate that something is obviously true. For example, if someone asks you if you prefer the mountains or the beach, you could answer with “The beach, ofc” if you are a lifelong surfer. You can also use OFC to show that you have a definite opinion on something. For example, someone might ask you if you like pineapples on pizza. If you hate pineapples on pizza, you might say, “Ofc’s fruit doesn’t belong on pizza.”

The meaning of OFC can change depending on where it is placed in a sentence. If you use “ofc” at the beginning of a sentence, it is often positive and definite. When added to the end of a sentence, OFC takes on a slightly more sarcastic or condescending tone. We will explain the various uses of this abbreviation in more depth later.

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The history of the OFC

OFC is one of the oldest internet slang terms we have come across. The first definition of ofc in the web jargon repository Urban Dictionary was created in June 2004 and says’ used in instant messaging to represent, of course. However, it is likely that it was widely used before 2004 in the first Internet communication channels, such as IRC and bulletin boards .

With the rise of instant messaging and chat applications, OFC became even more ubiquitous in Internet culture. It is useful in text threads, where people want to compose and send messages as quickly as possible. OFC is similar to other slang terms like SRSLY and W / E , both shorthand for popular words.

A definite yes

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As we said earlier, “ofc” can have different meanings depending on where it is placed in a sentence. When used at the beginning of a sentence, it is generally a positive assurance. For example, if you want to reiterate to your roommate that you are going to clean the apartment, you can send him a message: “Ofc, I’m going to clean this weekend!”

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You can use it to communicate that something definitely applies to you. If your friend texts you: “Are you coming to my birthday party this weekend?” could respond with “Ofc, I’m leaving!” Sending a message with just “ofc” can also work as a positive response to someone’s question. For example, your friend sends you a message: “Are you sure you can borrow your book from me?” In response, you could say “ofc!” to let them know that you are confident in your decision.

“Yes, obviously”

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When used at the end of a sentence, “ofc” becomes more sarcastic. When used in this way, “ofc” is synonymous with “obviously”. For example, you ask someone if they’ve seen a viral movie trailer. If they feel that the answer to the question is obvious, they might say, “Yes, ofc.”

In recent years, an alternative definition to OFC has emerged. Instead of meaning “of course”, it can also mean “Of course damn” or “Of course I do.” The expletive in the middle makes the term more derogatory and tells the other person that you are irritated by the question.

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However, someone’s tone is difficult to communicate through text messages. Before assuming someone is being deliberately sarcastic, be sure to ask them first!

How to use OFC

Before you start using “OFC” in your texts to make writing faster, keep in mind that this is an informal slang term. Do not use it in professional situations or official correspondence. For the most part, you should use this lowercase acronym when sending text messages.

Here are some examples of OFC in action:

  • “I’m going to cut my hair, ofc.”
  • “Ofc, it’s okay! You can borrow my tripod whenever you need it.
  • “Ofc we’re going to Thanksgiving! We will see you soon!”
  • “Windows is better than macOS , ofc ».

For more information on other internet jargon terms, check out our guides on MFW , WBK and TBH . You will be an expert in web speak before you know it.

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