Have you ever been confused by the various colored icons that appear at the top of your Apple Watch screen? We were there too. To fix this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all Apple Watch status icons and what they mean.

Green lightning icon

Apple Watch has two charging icons. The green lightning bolt icon appears when the watch is charging.

Red lightning icon

The red lightning bolt icon appears when the battery is low .

Green iPhone icon

Apple Watch also has several icons that indicate a connection to your iPhone or any type of mode silent active . The green iPhone icon indicates that your Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone.

Red iPhone icon

The red crossed-out iPhone tells you that the Apple Watch has lost connection with your iPhone.

Purple moon icon

The purple moon icon appears when your watch is set. do not disturb mode . That means all calls and notifications are muted.

Orange mask icon

The orange icon with two theater skins appears when your Apple Watch is in cinema mode . This mode prevents the clock display from turning on unless you touch the screen or press one of the buttons. As the name suggests, it is ideal for use in theaters.

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Teal bed icon

The teal bed icon indicates that your Apple Watch is on time mode from to sleep . In this state, the watch face changes to a large digital clock and the screen dims to avoid waking you up.

Wi-Fi icon

The network icons on the Apple Watch will tell you if the watch is connected to the Internet. The most common symbol is the blue Wi-Fi indicator. This appears when your Apple Watch is not connected to your iPhone but has connected to the Wi-Fi network.

You will likely see the Wi-Fi icon when your iPhone is off and your watch is connected to Wi-Fi. Appears when you open the Control center , which you can do by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Your Wi-Fi SSID (the name of your Wi-Fi network) appears next to the icon.

Airplane icon

If you choose to disable all network connections by setting the clock to airplane mode You will see an orange airplane icon on the watch face.

Green dots

Those of you with a variant of GPS + Cellular Apple watch you will see some icons that highlight the strength of the signal. Like the Wi-Fi icon, the Cellular Signal Strength icon appears in Control Center. Five green dots mean you have the full signal strength.

Red X icon

In case your Apple Watch loses connection to cellular networks, you will see a red X icon on your watch face.

Purple arrow icon

The Apple Watch is also pretty good at telling you when are being used the location data of its Gps or the microphone. When you open Control Center, you will see a purple arrow icon if any Apple Watch apps are accessing your location.

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Orange microphone icon

The orange microphone icon tells you that an app is using the microphone on your Apple Watch. You will see this icon frequently if you use Siri on Apple Watch. If you don’t want to use it, you can deactivate easily Siri on the clock.

Apple Maps Icon

Map applications need your location data to provide directions. Apple Watch uses different icons to tell you that a navigation app is directing you. Nap using Apple Maps You will see an icon that looks like the app logo. Tapping this icon will open Apple Maps on Apple Watch.

Right arrow icon

On the other hand, if you use any other app to navigate the Apple Watch, you will see a generic right arrow icon.


Red dot icon

The red dot icon simply tells you that you have unread notifications on the Apple Watch. May delete quickly all notifications to get rid of the red dot icon.

Blue padlock icon

The Apple Watch also has a couple of lock icons that tell you that your Apple Watch is locked. The blue padlock means that your Apple Watch is locked. It will disappear when you unlock the watch.

Teal water drop icon

The teal water drop icon tells you that the water lock is enabled on the Apple Watch. This usually happens when dip your watch in water. To prevent accidental input, Apple Watch does not respond to touches on the screen when the water lock is on.

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You can disable the water lock by turning the Digital Crown (the circular button on the side of your Apple Watch).

Running person icon

When you start any training On the Apple Watch, you will see a glowing green icon of a person running on the screen. You can touch this icon to open the Workout application. You can hide the training icon at the end of your training.

Walkie talkie icon

Apple Watch has a nifty Walkie Talkie feature that lets you talk to other people who have the watch. If enabled, you will see a yellow Walkie Talkie icon on the watch face.

You can open the Control Center and turn off walkie talkie to hide this icon.

Play button icon

Finally, the Now Playing icon (the red play button in a white circle) appears every time you’re playing music, whether it’s using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Tapping it opens the Now Playing view on Apple Watch, and you can pause the music to hide the icon. If you don’t want to use the Now Ringing screen on Apple Watch, you can disable it quickly.

That covers all the status icons on the Apple Watch. I should also try customize Control Center on your Apple Watch to make it easy to turn some of these status icons on or off.

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