Apple on Tuesday, November 10 at 21.00 Moscow time will hold its next presentation (already the third in a row this fall), at which it will present its new devices and the update of the macOS operating system.

MacOS Bug Sur update (100% chance)

Traditionally, Apple opens the final version of macOS firmware for download immediately after the presentation. But for those who work on Mac, I recommend waiting a month until the third-party software developers release the final versions of their products.

In fact, after November 10, mass testing of the new version of the operating system will begin among ordinary users.

MacOS Big Sur review.

What’s new planned for macOS:

  • general redesign of the operating system, bringing its appearance to the iPadOS design;
  • preparation of a platform for Apple Silicon (a chip of Apple’s own production based on ARM).

New Mac based on Apple Silicon (80% chance)

The highlight of the program will be a new Mac on Apple’s proprietary Silicon processor. The company itself spoke about this at the WWDC 2020 presentation, that by the end of the year the first consumer products will be presented, and not for developers.

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Apple will unveil the first MacBook based on the Apple SIlicon platform. According to some rumors, it will be 12-inch macBook… This will be the revival of a line that has gone from official sales. Its main advantages will be greater autonomy and mobility, but not maximum performance, which is ideal for the Apple A14 chips, which are used in the same iPhone 12.

But according to the latest leaks from November 2, it became known that Apple will introduce two 13-inch MacBooks (probably Macbook Air and MacBook Pro)… But do not flatter yourself, because they will go on sale, most likely, only at the beginning of 2021.

On the websites of some publications there were still rumors that Apple could introduce an iMac with an ARM processor, but this is unlikely. The company has already updated the iMac 21.5 ″ and iMac 27 ″ 5K this summer.

Apple TV update (40% chance)

The last Apple TV 4K update was released back in 2017. The set-top box has an A10 Fusion processor on board (like the iPhone 7). In general, the console copes with all tasks quite well: viewing 4K content and toys.

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But since Since Apple has been investing a lot of money in its Apple Arcade gaming service lately, it is likely that the A10 Fusion processor will no longer cope with the tasks. And we will see the updated Apple TV set-top box on the A12Z and A14 processor with increased internal memory.

TV box Apple TV 4K

We are waiting for the version with 64 GB, 128 GB of memory.

AirTags (60% chance)

It’s a beacon that attaches to your important belongings so you can track them in the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

AirTag tags

The first serious mention of this tag appeared in the iOS 13.2 firmware code. They say that AirTags will be shown at this presentation, and they will go on sale closer to the New Year holidays.

AirPods Studio (20% chance)

AirPods Studio on-ear headphones with active noise canceling are also expected at the presentation on November 10. It’s not for nothing that Apple removed all headphones and speakers from third-party manufacturers from its official website.

AirPods Studio

It was rumored that the headphones were supposed to be presented in October 2020, but there were some problems in production, and the presentation of the new device was postponed until November.

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There were also rumors about the AirPods Pro headphone update and the appearance of a light version of the AirPods Light type. In my opinion, this is unlikely given that AirPods are very successful products that already sell well.

Apple Glass (1% chance)

I would like to see Apple’s real innovation in the form of Apple Glass augmented reality glasses. But Apple’s Silicon chip is more than a highlight for this fall presentation.

Apple glass

So we are unlikely to see Apple Glass this year.

The future is definitely in augmented reality glasses. After all, it’s not for nothing that Apple is introducing LiDAR not only into tablets, but also into smartphones, and places great emphasis on augmented reality.

Charging AirPower for 3 devices (35% chance)

We are waiting for the announcement of Apple Power’s proprietary wireless charging for 3 devices at once. And if earlier it was technically impossible to do it, now, with the arrival of the new magSafe connector, everything is quite real.

Charging AirPower

What do you expect from this presentation, write in the comments.

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New MacBook on Apple Silicon chip


AirPods update


Charging AirPower


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