VPN auto-connect and reconnect in MacOS X

VPN auto-connect and reconnect in MacOS X

Good day! Today I will talk about automatically connecting a VPN when the computer boots up and how to make the VPN connection automatically reconnect when the connection is broken.

Agree that it is quite convenient when the Internet is automatically connected to you when you turn on your computer. Googling a little, I found the script, but it refused to work. Then I went to the AppStore and found the excellent VPNAutoConnect program there. It doesn’t have any interface. It just hangs in the top panel. When you click on the icon, a drop-down menu appears with only four items.

1) Enable or disable the program. Naturally, we want to turn it on, so we click on “Turn on.”

2) Prevent Sleep Mode – prevent the computer from going into sleep mode. Useful if, for example, you have set a large movie to be downloaded.

3) Here, you must select your VPN connection.

4) Close the program. As you can see, everything is straightforward. Now let’s figure out how to make the program run along with the system. Nothing complicated here either. Go to system settings, -> Users and groups. Here we select the “Login Items” tab, click on the plus sign and specify the VPNAutoConnect program.

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automatic vpn connection and reconnection in macos x

That’s all! You now have an automated VPN connection.

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