Microsoft has been running into a lot of trouble lately for some of its practices with Windows and your Edge browser . These movements are not lost in other browser manufacturers Y the CEO by Vivaldi Jon von Tetzchner recently wrote about other companies’ tactics.

Vivaldi published a fairly long blog post on Microsoft’s tactics titled » Microsoft goes back to its old tricks to get an edge on the competition «. In the post, CEO Jon von Tetzchner mentioned the tactics Microsoft is using to get people to switch to its Edge browser, and as you can probably expect from the maker of a rival browser, he wasn’t happy.

This is because Microsoft makes it more difficult change your default browser and it really pushes users to stick with Edge when they try to install another browser . As you can anticipate, von Tetzchner wanted to install Vivaldi, and when he was greeted with all the hurdles Microsoft makes you jump, he felt like he needed to speak up.

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“After downloading and installing Vivaldi, I wanted to set it as my default browser. But Microsoft doesn’t give up that fast. He doesn’t want you to stop using Edge. So it makes basic things like changing the default browser difficult. This is on Windows 10. Windows 11 is even worse, ”von Tetzchner noted in a blog post.

“Microsoft’s moves seem desperate. And familiar. They clearly don’t want you to use other browsers, ”von Tetzchner wrote. “This is not the behavior of a secure company that develops a superior browser. It is the behavior of a company that openly abuses its powerful position to push people to use its inferior product, simply because it can. Don’t pass Go, don’t collect $ 200. Can you say monopoly?

As for what users should do, Vivaldi CEO says: “Above all, don’t let Microsoft win in this stacked game. Persist until you can use the browser of your choice in Windows and help your friends or colleagues do the same.

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It will be interesting to see if any antitrust investigation comes from this, as Microsoft is undoubtedly walking the line between using the advantages it has and actual monopolistic practices.

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