WhatsApp allows its users the possibility of having its functions not only on the smartphone, but also with the same comfort on a tablet.

In fact, today it is common to meet people who make use of whatsapp for tabletssince they make use of this device to better carry out all their tasks.

whatsapp for tablets
whatsapp for tablets

It is there at this precise moment where we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How can we have access to WhatsApp available on our tablet?
  • How many ways are available to install this app?

And it is that although at present we can find many options for WhatsApp, how would it be Telegramis still the most popular instant messenger in the world.

There are millions of people who have WhatsApp installed on their mobile devices, and now it seems that a mode of whatsapp for tablets.

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This is a more recurrent modality, either to work, study or simply for leisure time; there are many who prefer to use whatsapp for tablets and not on mobile.

And although this process is extremely easy to carry out, there are still many people who do not know how to download and then use WhatsApp on their smartphone.

But don’t worry, next in this article we will talk about the ways that you can download and use whatsapp for tablets.

Ways in which we can obtain WhatsApp for Tablet

It was not until a few years ago that it was impossible to install whatsapp on tablet, this was because the old versions prevented the normal installation from taking place.

It was at this point where we would have to resort to downloading a apk-fileon some external page and after this proceed to install it on our tablet.

A task that was very dangerous due to the amount of malware although currently this is a task that can continue to be executed without any problem.

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Thanks to the help of the Play Store we can download whatsapp for tablets without any problem, but in the event that you cannot do it you will like these ways that you have in your favor to use whatsapp for tablets.

Use WhatsApp Web on your tablet without any problem

To make use of this function we must take into account that our browser must always be open, in this way we can answer the messages and listen to the voice notes.

It is worth mentioning that the notifications in whatsapp for tablets they will still come to you if you don’t have the tab in the foreground; although you must accept the option for Google to send you alerts.

How to use WhatsApp for Tablet?
How to use WhatsApp for Tablet?

If you wish to do so, we will explain in detail the steps you must follow below.

  • Proceed to open the “WhatsApp Settings” on your mobile, and look for the option “WhatsApp Web”
  • From your tablet and using your browser through the page of whatsapp web
  • Now you will have to scan the QR code, which will appear on whatsapp for tablets
  • And ready! You can now use WhatsApp from the application on your tablet without any problem
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Install the APK file of WhatsApp for tablet

If these two ways that we have mentioned before do not work for you, you can always do it in an external way as we have already explained.

To get whatsapp for tabletswe will only have to go to a compressed file, which does not have a greater difficulty either.

In fact, this is a fairly accessible way to use many applications, go to the official WhatsApp Messenger page and click on download the APK file.

You will have the latest version available on your device, remember to authorize your device to install this type of application.

What do you think of these forms that you have at your disposal to install whatsapp for tablets? Follow all our steps and you will do it the right way and without so many problems.

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