Last week ended with a terrifying mistake that prevented users from calling 911 on their Android phone under certain circumstances if they had Microsoft Teams installed. Fortunately, Microsoft released an update for Teams that fixes this fatal 911 bug.

The bug was first discovered by a Reddit user that she was trying to call her grandmother’s emergency services. Google responded to the problem by saying, “Based on our research, we have been able to reproduce the problem in a limited set of circumstances.”

Google completed its response by saying, “We encourage users to keep an eye out for an update to the Microsoft Teams application and make sure it is applied as soon as it is available.”

Fortunately, that update is available now, so if you have Microsoft Teams installed on your phone smart Android , will want update it to the latest version immediately as the ability to call 911 is critical, especially if you don’t have access. to a landline.

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Microsoft did a great job of implementing the solution quickly. This is incredibly important because a problem like this is more than just an annoyance, as people’s lives could be at risk if someone is unable to communicate with them. emergency services quickly when you need them.

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