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Turn off the startup sound in Windows 11

If you are one of those users who are bothered by the startup sound of the operating system of Microsoft You have come to the right place, because today we bring you a simple tutorial that will allow you this sound that can be a bit annoying if you are a student and start your laptop in a place where it should not make noise, such as the library at the university or some other place.

This is how you can disable the startup sound in Windows 11

First of all, we must make it clear that this tutorial is intended for users who have a PC or laptop with the version of Windows 11, although to tell the truth for the version of Windows 10 the steps you must follow are very similar. To deactivate the startup sound, you must follow only 5 steps, which are:

  1. The first step will be to go directly to the Settings and click on System,
  2. Then you will have to go to the Sound section and look for the option “More sound options” or in some cases you will find it under the name of “Advanced Options”,
  3. A window will open from where you will have to look for the option “Sounds” at the top (it is the third option),
  4. Once there at the bottom you will have to look for the option “Play Windows Start Sound” in the list and uncheck it,
  5. Finally, you only have to click on Apply and OK.
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Windows 11
Windows 11

If you have followed each step as we mentioned it, next time you turn on your Windows 11 PC or laptop you will not have a startup sound that may bother you, if you have another much easier way to remove this sound you can let us know through the comments at the end of the article.

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