Try Windows 11 without installing it

Windows 11 It is the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, a version that comes with great visual and performance improvements. Currently to test the new generation of Windows it is necessary to participate in the Insider program from Microsoft and for this your computer has to meet some requirements.

However, there is a way to try the new windows without having to install it, much less participate in the Insider program, all we need is to enter the React page from where we can have access to the experience of the new Windows.

How to test Windows 11 without installing it

How to test Windows 11 without installing it

With this tool we can have access to the new Windows interface Without worrying about installing or downloading updates, all we need to do is click on the link that will take us to the website.

Logically from this page we will not have access to all the functions that the new version of windowsHowever, we can access sections such as the new Start menu, Activity Center, the new Widget, application store, search from the native Windows 11 browser and some other function.

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