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Troubleshooting runtime errors

The runtime errors they are present in those moments in which a program is started or executed; In the event that this error occurs, said program may fail or also crash and will show you an error message.

As for the reasons for this to appear, we must emphasize that there are many, such as when the program enters what would be an infinite loop, it proceeds to trigger the runtime errors.

Run-time errors
Run-time errors

Although yes, on other occasions it also usually appears due to the same user, an example of these would be, when a program requires a numerical value and an alphabetical value is entered, from there the runtime errors.

Knowing how to give solutions to these errors is of the utmost importance, since when they appear we will be able to know how to act and what we need to know to be able to give an adequate solution.

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In this post we will help you with some tips to solve the runtime errors, this way you won’t have to waste time and money sending your computer in for a review by a technician.

Runtime errors What are the reasons why they appear?

There are many reasons why users can present errors at runtime on their computers, below we will tell you what some of those reasons could be.

Memory leaks

Memory leakage is undoubtedly the most common cause in terms of runtime errors it is about; This occurs when some program incorrectly manages memory allocations, such as consuming RAM without releasing it.

Incomplete Installation

When a user is installing a program, the installer closes abruptly, the reasons are many, but it can generally be due to power outages, system failures, among others.

It should be noted, that this is due to an incomplete installation that can cause runtime errors on your computer system.

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Incomplete Record

A corrupted registry can cause programs to malfunction due to a runtime error, which means that there are many causes for what would become the registry.

One of the main reasons would be a manual change of the registry, which means that you must be very careful when editing the registry keys.

To carry out this process, we advise you to make a backup copy before proceeding to make any changes, without a doubt it is the best way to act.

You already know about errors in execution time, what causes them and how you could act against each one of them.

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