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Tips for monitoring my home network

There are many things that can exhaust the capacity of your home network, generally they are all those people who have access to it, but on other occasions not, it is probably malware or an intruder on the same network.

Whatever your case, we will clearly explain all the steps you can follow, to achieve the best possible monitoring of the use of your home network.

Tips for your home network
Tips for your home network

Either you notice that it is very slow, or that you feel that a neighbor is giving an inappropriate use to your home network; follow our steps and you will see that you can make it possible.

In the event that you have a persistent band drain, and you are totally sure that it is not any of the devices that are in your home, without a doubt one of these tips will be of great help.

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Follow the use of your home network Tips that you cannot miss!

To start discovering the high consumption of internet that your home network, we bring you a series of tips and key points that you cannot miss for anything in the world.

Track your home network usage through your router

You must first start with check your router, since this is the one in charge of processing all the incoming and outgoing traffic of all your home.

To do so, the steps are very easy, you must access the configuration of your router through its website, and go to the section of the IP addresses of each device, its Mac address and also its connection status.

Also not only that, since thanks to the same option about home network you will be able to know the current upload and download speed, and the exact amount of data used by each of the devices.

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Check your home network activity with Windows Resource Monitor

While you are in the task manager, in order to access another tool for bandwidth troubleshooting, you will have to click on the performance tab and then you will only have to click on the “resource monitor” button which is located at the bottom.

It should be noted that when it comes to problems related to your home network, this will be one of the most important tools that you will have at your disposal.

Scan your home network for Malware

Another problem is that your bandwidth does not come from your home network, commonly it is possible that it is due to a possible malicious malware detected; same as could be stealing your bandwidth.

We must bear in mind that Malware could consume your bandwidth in many ways, although of course, this is not only what malware can consume, for this reason we must be very careful.

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If you want to know who is connected to the net of your home, you can download «Find – Network Scanner»On your mobile device, it will show you the connected devices.

Has this post been helpful to you? Follow these recommendations and we assure you that you will see notable changes in your home network.

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