Clean Windows 11 On your computer, following our steps and recommendations is too easy. In this way, you will eliminate those programs and applications that you no longer need. Let’s give you a quick and simple example. Let’s say you have upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 and want to do a cleaning. Then without a doubt, our steps will be of great help to you.

When we talk about cleaning Windows 11, We refer to the option to clean your operating system by removing applications, freeing up space, and organizing everything in it. But will it do any good clean Windows 11? These are internal maintenance routines, which will help you make your operating system go a little faster; in turn, your files are not so disorganized.

Clean Windows 11
Clean Windows 11

Keep in mind that our recommendations are simple steps. In this way, we are sure that you do not complicate when cleaning Windows 11.

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Learn how to clean Windows 11 with these tips and tricks

Remember that in LogMod, We are at the forefront of your needs. In this way and through our advice, you, being part of our readers, will benefit from the knowledge and information that we offer you.

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Make the most of your desktop in Windows 11

Speaking of the methods for cleaning Windows 11, It should be mentioned that the first thing we must take into account is the desktop of our computer.

It should be noted, and it is a point that you must take into account, when Windows 11 starts, it must load all the programs and applications that you have in it.

Since if you have many accesses and files or folders, it is widespread for Windows to take a little longer to start.

For this reason, and as a method to clean Windows 11, you eliminate everything from the desktop, which in turn is of no use to you.

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Keep in mind that through the startup that Windows 11 has, you will be able to access all your applications; In case you need to have things on your desktop, you can create a folder and have them all there.

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Clean Windows 11 with just one Click Get rid of all temporary files!

Other options for clean Windows 11 are the way to delete all the temporary files specifying which ones you should delete concretely.

However, in the same storage screen, you will be able to observe the amount of space that these temporary files occupy, and just by pressing said option, you will be able to clean Windows 11 quickly.

It is worth mentioning that if you click on the same option, “Temporary Files,” you can decide which temporary files you can delete.

But how do you choose the correct firm? Well, at this point, you should not worry since the temporary files will be ordered by the amount of space they occupy. In this way, you can delete those that are to your complete liking.

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Then to clean Windows 11, You just have to click on the “Remove files” button above, and that’s it.

Proceed to uninstall the applications that you no longer use

Windows 11 also offers you a function to know exactly which applications take up the most space, so in this way, you can decide how to clean Windows 11 based on these parameters.

What you must do is enter the “Configuration” option, then proceed to the “System” section and click on the “Storage” option.

Being here in this section, you will be able to observe all the applications that occupy the most space on your computer; If you do not want to keep any, you have to press the three dots to delete them and clean Windows 11.

Although there are many other options in your favor, these are just some of the most recommended and accessible that offer incredible results, such as cleaning up Windows 11.

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