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TikTok reaches more and more smart TVs

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Fire tv is one of the most popular smart TV platforms, and Amazon has announced who now has a TikTok app. Many other platforms have received the video-based vertical app, so it makes sense for the Fire TV to jump on the bandwagon.

Currently, Google tv , Android TV And some Samsung smart TVs already have TikTok available, so Amazon is catching up by launching the video-sharing app on its platform. Anything that a service like Fire TV can offer to provide more entertainment is a good thing, and adding TikTok is a good decision.

Initially, TikTok limited the length of videos to 15 seconds, but now that the social video service allows videos of up to three minutes, it makes a little more sense to have it on a TV. Of course, TikTok videos tend to shoot vertically, which is not necessarily ideal for viewing on a 16: 9 TV.

The application seems to be well done. It has support for the following, for you and discover the page. It also supports autoplay, so the Fire TV will go from one video to the next without you having to sit there and press a button to go to the next. It does this so that you can put TikTok in the app and let it play without doing anything manually.

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It definitely seems like a smart move for Amazon to bring TikTok to its platform, and it will be interesting to see if other social apps make it to. Fire tv .

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