When it comes to Bluetooth trackers , Tile is one of the first brands that most people recognize. Now the company has announced a new tracker called Tile Ultra that features ultra wide band and augmented reality.

What does the Tile Ultra do?

The Tile Ultra offers UWB support on both Android and iOS, which is where it differs from Apple and Samsung offerings, which are only available on one platform.

In terms of looks, the Ultra has a similar design to the Tile Pro, but is a bit more powerful. Thanks to the UWB radio, the Tile Ultra can offer more accurate location tracking than other models. It also has the power of the Tile network, which already has tons of trackers to help you find what you are missing.

The feature that makes Tile’s new tracker look fun is augmented reality. You can look through your phone’s camera and get directions from your tracker, making it easy to pinpoint. Of course it has sound, so you can also use the pings to track a Tile tracker.

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Tile Ultra pricing and availability

Unfortunately, Tile kept things vague when it comes to the Tile Ultra release date, only saying that they will launch in early 2022. The company also did not disclose pricing information. The AirTags Apple is They sell for $ 29, and the current Tile Pro retails for $ 35, so it will be interesting to see where the Tile Ultra falls.

Tile also announced updated versions of its existing models, although the changes are not as significant. They will offer cleaner designs, stronger pings, and better water resistance, but will not have UWB or AR support.

Whether you choose to wait for the Tile Ultra or get one of the other greats Bluetooth trackers , these devices are definitely worth having.

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