After a short introduction and a feature at Apple TV + programs , Manzana ad a new model of your base iPad on your Big event , which comes packed with a ton of features that were previously exclusive to the iPad Pro. Apple made all the key improvements, including a huge increase in the selfie camera for the Center Stage feature.

The new Apple iPad is here

Apple announced the new base model of its iPad, which is the most popular version of its tablet.

As you would expect from a new iPad, it comes with all the performance improvements. It has 20% better performance on both the GPU and the CPU. That comes thanks to the A13 chip.

There is a screen Retina of 10.2 inch , which is large enough and high enough resolution to perform a wide range of functions. You’ll also get the True Tone display with the new iPad. This feature changes the screen’s color temperature by room, which is another premium feature making its way to the cheaper model.

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The new iPad offers twice the storage of the original for the same price. Who doesn’t want to store more on their tablet?

One of the coolest features the new iPad offers is Center Stage. This feature uses the selfie camera to follow the person in the shot as they move, which is ideal for video chats. Before it was exclusive to iPad Pro , so it’s great to have it in a much more affordable model.

There is also support for Apple Pencil , which will open up all the different ways to use the tablet.

Of course, Apple is shipping its new tablet with iPadOS 15 and all the new features that go with it .

Apple announced that the new iPad comes with a 100% recycled aluminum casing, a huge step forward for the environment.

Price and availability of the new iPad

Apple announced that you can order the new iPad right now and that it will ship next week. It starts at just $ 329, which is a very reasonable price that should allow more people to enter the iPad ecosystem without ruining too much.

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