What to look for in an iPhone SE case in 2022

Finding a protective iPhone SE case is surprisingly challenging. Not only do you need to make sure you’re buying the right SE model, but you’ll also need to review hundreds of products from dozens of manufacturers, some of which aren’t designed to withstand significant impact.

However, if you know where you’re looking, there are plenty of great options. The easiest way to find a good iPhone SE case is to stick with long-standing manufacturers like ZAGG, Spigen, and OtterBox. These companies have been producing high-quality cases for years, and you can be sure that their line of iPhone SE cases is built to the same standards.

You’ll also want to consider how much protection you need for your new iPhone. If you’re prone to dropping your phone or standing with it on your lap, you’ll want something that covers all the ports and buttons. If you need it to fit in a pocket for ease of use, opting for a slim or clear case is a better option. Make sure you think carefully about how (and where) you plan to use your iPhone before choosing a case.

Once you’ve figured out your basic needs, we’ve put together a list of the best iPhone SE cases below. Whether you’re looking for a case that doubles as a wallet, something with a little flair, or a case that encases your phone like a fortress, here are some great products to consider.

Best iPhone SE Case Overall: silicone case for iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE silicone case on pink background

No one knows the iPhone SE better than Apple, so it should come as no surprise that the tech giant makes one of the best cases on the market. Offered in four colors ( chalk pink , blue abyss , midnight Y red product ), the silicone case perfectly fits your iPhone SE, providing a slim profile while protecting your new device from drops and scratches.

Unlike most products in Apple’s catalog, the silicone case is quite affordable, priced at just $35. However, despite its low price, no expense was spared in its production.

Constructed of a soft-touch silicone that’s compatible with wireless charging, the case covers most of the edges of the iPhone SE, with a small cutout on the side for ring/silent toggle and a larger cutout on the bottom for its various ports and speakers.

Due to its slim profile and various cutouts, the Apple Silicone Case is not designed for heavy-duty use. So if you’re planning some wild excursions or have precarious hobbies, you might want to consider something with a little more support .

However, everyone else will find an affordable, well-designed product that is more than capable of keeping their phone safe during everyday use.

The best budget iPhone SE case: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone Case Breakdown

Priced under $20, you’d be hard-pressed to find an iPhone SE case as affordable and versatile as this one. Spigen Tough Armor . Constructed with inner impact foam, flexible TPU material, and a hard outer shell, this rugged case provides superior protection on a budget.

Its design is one of the most divisive on our list, largely due to its utilitarian design that features a kickstand and a two-tone color palette where different materials connect. It also features a large cutout for the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone SE, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

The four available colors make it easy to find a design you like, but there’s no denying that it’s a bit bulkier than the competition. However, for buyers on a budget, you will receive a protection device that is sure to keep your iPhone safe for years to come.

Best iPhone SE Wallet Case: TUCCH case for iPhone SE

person using tucch iphone se wallet case

TUCCH may not be as well known as other case makers, but the company is turning out some of the best wallet cases money can buy. Constructed from a combination of synthetic leather and TPU, the TUCCH case for iPhone SE it’s easy on the eyes and capable of taking a beating.

This case is custom made for the iPhone SE 2022, with an inner shell that fits snugly around the edges of your phone and acts as another layer of protection when the front cover is open and the iPhone is in use.

As you’d expect from a wallet case, this one offers a variety of card slots and cash space, along with a sleeve behind these pockets where you can stash additional belongings.

Rounding out the offerings is a magnetic latch to keep the case closed when not in use, and the ability to use it as a kickstand to play movies or TV shows. All of these features add up to a case that’s a bit bulky, but should offer plenty of functionality and protection.

Best iPhone SE Rugged Case: Case OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Blue iPhone SE Case

When it comes to keeping your iPhone safe no matter where you take it, it doesn’t get much better than the OtterBox. And while their catalog offers many solutions, none are as good for fall protection as the defender series . Not only does it wrap around the entire iPhone SE, including unused portions of its screen, but it also comes with port covers for added security.

OtterBox loads the Defender Series with high-end features, including a sure-grip design, microbe-resistant materials, and a slim profile that should still fit in most clothing pockets. It’s still bulky compared to other products, but considering its rugged design and enhanced protection, the Defender case is surprisingly slim.

Although typically one of the most expensive cases available, the Defender is a regular sales target. While the normal selling price is a bit steep at $44, the case regularly goes on sale for $30 or less, which brings the cost more in line with the other options on our list.

Best iPhone SE Clear Case: ZAGG Crystal Palace Case

Zagg Crystal Palaces pencil case on gray background

If you’re a big fan of the iPhone SE’s minimalist design, you don’t want to throw a bulky case at it. Instead, most people will opt for a clear case, which has an unfortunate tendency to turn yellow over time.

The ZAGG Crystal Palace pencil case however, is designed to prevent yellowing, helping you look flawless months and years later. It’s also drop resistant up to 13 feet and offers a polycarbonate backplate, which ZAGG says is “the same material used in bulletproof glass.”

Beyond its sleek construction materials, the ZAGG Crystal Palace offers a design that includes the power and volume buttons, though the bottom charging port and mute button are left open for easy access.

The only downside to the ZAGG case? It’s priced at $40 and quite a bit more than most other clear cases. However, you get a lot for your money and it’s worth the investment to keep your iPhone SE safe.

The best slim case for iPhone SE: Spigen Slim Fit Case

Spigen Pink Slim Fit iPhone SE Case

Slim, affordable and remarkably stylish, the Spigen Slim Fit Case it’s a great option for iPhone SE owners who want to keep their sleek profile intact. At just 0.05 inches deep, this basic case makes it easy to add protection to your phone without adding excessive bulk.

Scratch-resistant materials mean you don’t have to worry about unwanted marks on the outside of the case, while its smooth coating ensures your iPhone never slips out of your hand. Like most cases, the Spigen Thin Fit is offered in a variety of colors, including an eye-catching Champagne Gold Y rose gold .

Slim cases generally don’t offer as much protection as other types, and that goes for this one too. Exposed buttons and ports mean an unfortunate drop angle could lead to damage, so anyone with a history of frequent phone drops might want to pick something with a little more protection .

Best iPhone SE Leather Case: Case Vintage Snakehive wallet

Snakehive leather iphone se wallet case on pink background

Like TUCCH Snakehive is not a well-known brand of iPhone accessories. However, that is rapidly changing thanks to its Vintage Wallet Case a premium leather case that arguably looks better than the iPhone SE itself.

This wallet case is offered in a variety of two-tone designs, with a light interior accented by a variety of dark exteriors (including black , blue Y plum among others). Each case is handcrafted from premium leather for a stunning finish and includes a magnetic latch to keep the phone case closed when not in use.

An inner sleeve keeps your iPhone SE in place and safe from drops, though the outer leather can take some bruising if it gets caught on something sharp. That’s nothing unique to Snakehike, but rather a danger of working with leather.

Minor complaints aside, the Snakehike is perfect for iPhone SE owners looking for a trendy case that stands out from the rest.

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