Nowadays people make use of all kinds of methods to keep their inbox organized, but there is a way to move emails to a specific folder, this option is called how label; so we’ll show you the way to tag and move emails.

The purpose of the labels becomes really important, if you are one of those users who receive many messages a day, you will be able to see all those emails in your inbox instantly.

Label and move emails in Gmail
Label and move emails in Gmail

But yes, because they are also moved to the corresponding folder, you will also be able to access them and see them there, all this through a well-known filter gmail.

For this reason you should know this filter and the steps below, to achieve tag and move emails in a fast and efficient way.

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Make use of a filter to label and move emails in Gmail

By using this filter in Gmail you will be able to configure the criteria for each and every one of the incoming emails, after this proceed to label the matching messages.

After all this, just select the label folder to see all the emails that have that label.

Follow the steps below to make use of the filter, and achieve tag and move emails in Gmail:

Step 1:

Log in to your Gmail account and click on the “Settings” session, it is located at the top right to access all the settings.

Then select “see all settings”, in what would be the sidebar; Go to the “Filters and blocked addresses” tab, select “Create a new filter”.

Step 2:

In the box that will appear you will have to configure all the criteria of the emails that you want to label, keep in mind that you can one or more conditions in the fields at your disposal:

  • Subject, It has the words or Size, etc…
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Next, you will start to create what would be the action to label the emails, check the “Apply the label” box and proceed to label the dropdown box.

Step 3:

It should be noted that you will have the option to apply some additional options if you wish; in addition to being able to apply this filter to matching conversations.

This action applies the filter to any email that is in your inbox, once this filter has been created.

All future emails that match this criteria will receive the folder and can be found in your inbox or labels folder.

Step 3:

Pull down the sidebar on the left and if you need to expand mail, select the label folder and you will see that all the mails have been moved to that place.

This will give you quick and easy access to all of them, an efficient way to tag and move emails in Gmail.

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Learn how to label and move emails in Gmail manually

Select the email in your inbox, and then click the “move” icon on the top screen, choose the folder, and the message will be moved to it.

But yes, this will not apply the label to said email, in case you want to apply the label you must select the email, click on the label icon.

This is located in the toolbar and all that remains is to check the box of the desired label, as you may have already noticed the tag and move emails in Gmail it’s easy.

Follow these steps to avoid losing important emails, the inbox of our email in many cases is usually a total chaos.

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