Swiftkey offers all its users a new feature, which is that you can copy and paste any text between your Android mobile and Windows to synchronize the clipboard in the cloud. Although currently there is already Clipt that offers practically the same options, whether you need to synchronize texts, files or images.

But that would be a thing of the past, since now Swiftkey takes the lead as its new competitor, by offering copying and pasting of text between Android mobiles and devices Windows.

How to copy and paste text from Android to Windows with Swiftkey
How to copy and paste text from Android to Windows with Swiftkey

Many users who have used this functionality say that it works perfectly for them and that it does not present any problems; It has also been tested on Windows 11 and they have no problem. In this article we will talk about the steps to activate Swiftkey, and how you should use it properly.

Swiftkey account cloud clipboard account

To be able to enjoy this new option that Swiftkey for Android brings to you, you will have to have the latest update to be able to release the function of copying and pasting text between your mobile Android and your Windows PC.

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It is worth mentioning that as of version of Swiftkey, you will be able to enjoy this new functionality called «Cloud Clipboard». Secondly, since Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft 5 years ago, This has implied that he wants said application to show improvements for the experience of a keyboard app, which is so used by mobiles around the world.

Since last year we have had the beta, but now it is fully operational, so that all users can enjoy Swiftkey’s cloud clipboard stable version.

We will show you the steps you must follow to activate Swiftkey and thus enjoy all its functions.

Steps to follow to activate Swiftkey and its functionality to copy and paste text between Android and Windows

To start using this incredible novelty that Swiftkey offers us, We must use the same Microsoft email account that is associated with our Windows computer. We are also going to need our Windows computer to have at least the version of Windows 10 2018 or higher than this one; in case of having Windows 11 it will be much better.

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Follow the steps below and get the most out of Swiftkey, don’t miss out on everything it brings to you.

Step 1.

Proceed to download the latest version of Swiftkey, remember to do it from the Apk Mirror to be totally sure of having it in the app.

Step 2.

We advise you to download the Bundle version, and then proceed to install APK Installer from the Google Play Store from Apk Mirror; in this way you can be totally sure of installing the correct version for our mobile.

Step 3.

After completing the download process correctly, we will go to the settings of Swiftkey and click on the “Enriched Scripture” option. Then you just have to click on synchronize the clipboard history.

Step 4.

You will notice the appearance of a pop-up window, that is where you will have to start a session with the Hotmail or Outlook email account, remember that this must be the same one we use on our Windows computer.

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Step 5.

After having started the session, we only have to activate the option “Synchronize the clipboard history”.

Step 6.

Go to your Windows computer and in the search engine itself on the toolbar, you must press “clipboard” to click on the same result.

Step 7.

It should be noted that in this option we are already in the settings to be able to configure the clipboard in Windows, we activate Swiftkey on all devices.

Step 8.

At this point you will have synchronized your computer and your Android mobile, whatever you need to copy and paste to use the functionality it offers you Swiftkey.

There is no doubt that this is an incredible feature that is constantly growing, Microsoft ensures that everything you copy between devices is not stored in the service.

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