Start Safe Mode in Windows 11

Without a doubt, the operating system of Microsoft It is one of the most used worldwide, however, at Windows sometimes problems arise that are quite easy for us to solve, so we have to resort to the safe mode of the system to try to solve it.

The safe mode in Windows 11 It will allow you to solve incompatibility problems or conflicts between hardware, since it will allow you to start the system without loading all the applications and drivers on your computer. Starting safe mode in Windows 11 It will allow us to identify and solve problems on our computer that cannot be solved in the normal version.

Start Safe Mode in Windows 11
Start Safe Mode in Windows 11

Types of Safe Mode in Windows 11

Every operating system that Microsoft has launched on the market, comes with its safe mode and of course, Windows 11 will not be the exception. Microsoft’s new Windows has 3 options to enter safe mode, which can be used each one on certain occasions, which we will explain to you below:

  • Basic mode: Windows starts with the usual interface but only loads some drivers and some applications.
  • Safe mode with network connection: unlike the previous version, this mode allows us to access the internet to solve a certain problem on our computer.
  • Safe mode with command prompt: this last option is for more advanced users, we do not have a user interface and to solve the problems we will have to use lines of code.
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Enter Safe Mode in Windows 11

In the new Windows update, the Redmonds have made it much easier to start in safe mode thanks to the new advanced options, which will allow the user to access these settings in an easier way, so let’s go.

  • We start the application Setting.
  • We click on Recovery.
  • Then we click on Advanced startup and we click on restart now.
  • Now it will show us a Windows UEFI interface where we are going to select Solve problems.
  • We select Advanced Options.
  • Later Startup and Restart Settings.
  • At this point you will have some startup options that you can select with your computer keyboard. Pressing 4 will boot into normal Safe Mode, 5 will give you Safe Mode with Networking, and 6 will give you Safe Mode with command prompt.
  • Your PC will restart as soon as you press one of the keys.

In this way you can access the Windows 11 safe modeIf you have any questions, you can write us in the comments of this article.

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