YouTube recently started shutting down several Discord bots popular that allowed anyone to play videos on the service with friends. Now, there appears to be an official YouTube integration with Discord in testing, although it’s only available on select servers at this time.

The feature under test is called Watch Together and, as the name implies, it allows you to meet up with friends on Discord and watch YouTube videos. Of course, you can also use it to play YouTube music, which is the number of bots that were used before they were shut down.

Personally, my group of friends used bots to stream music while playing D&D remotely , so the loss of those bots damaged the epic feel of the games without the background music. When Watch Together is rolled out across all servers, it will be a feature we are happy to have back.

However, it is not a perfect recreation of bots. Instead, it’s similar to the experience of sharing your screen on Discord. And unlike bots, occasionally see and hear ads played , just as you would if you were watching YouTube normally.

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This isn’t the first time Discord has tested the official YouTube integration. According The Verge , a similar feature appeared on YouTube about ten months ago and then disappeared. The bot shutdown apparently forced Discord to refocus on preparing the YouTube integration for prime time to be able to make your users happy.

The feature is currently rolling out to Discord’s friends and family servers. From there, a larger beta will be released for small servers, and then mass availability will follow in the coming weeks.

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