Some Keyboard shortcut in MacBook

List of useful Macbook keyboard shortcuts!

If you see a Mac keyboard for the first time, the outlandish keys will surprise and confuse you. It would help if you were not afraid of their other location and purpose. It is necessary to become more familiar with the so-called modifier keys. In every MacBook, the keyboard shortcut is the same. You need to remember the programmed actions they perform when pressed together. Numerous useful shortcuts make navigation much more comfortable, providing quick access to various system functions.

Of course, in some cases, hotkeys don’t work. The problem is most often related to errors in the system itself, and a typical setup or a clean install of MacOS X can help, but in most cases, there will be no problems with keyboard shortcuts on macOS. They are “reliable” and very comfortable.

Before using the MacBook “hotkeys,” you need to study the symbolic designation of individual buttons, the main of which are:

  • Command ⌘
  • Option ⌥
  • Control ⌃
  • Shift ⇧
  • Caps Lock ⇪
  • For MacBook users, the keyboard shortcut dramatically speeds up work and ease of use. It is easy to use shortcuts: you need to hold the modifier button and simultaneously press another key from the combination, after which you need to release both.
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The most common MacBook keyboard shortcuts are:

  • Close current window ⌘W
  • Complete termination of the application ⌘Q
  • Open a new tab in the ⌘T application.
  • Hide application ⌘H
  • Switching between open applications ⌘⇥
  • Select all ⌘A
  • Copy the selected item, including files in the Finder, to the clipboard ⌘C
  • Paste the object copied to the clipboard into the program or current document ⌘V
  • Delete (cut) an object with saving in BO ⌘X
  • Open Spotlight Search ⌃ Space
  • Force quit a frozen application. ⎋⌥⌘
  • Open file ⌘O
  • To search for a word in the ⌘F app.
  • Quick view of images, documents: select any file in Finder + press Space
  • You can turn off, restart, turn on the “Sleep” mode using. ⌃⏏
  • Help ⇧⌘? and many others.

If you continue to use a keyboard that is intended for computers with Windows in your work with Apple technology, you should use the Alt key instead of Option and the Windows key instead of Command. Over time, the MacBook Keyboard Accelerator as Keyboard Shortcut lets you dramatically speed up, optimize your work and increase your productivity!

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