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Solution to network problems

The Network problems They are undoubtedly one of the worst types of computer problems, although we can do many things on our computer while being offline, being disconnected from getting is not something fun.

But when this happens, it is not an easy task to look for possible solutions for these kinds of problems, but yes, in this post we show you the basic process of how to solve the problems. Network problems and connectivity.

Network problems
Network problems

In this way we assure you that the next time you open your browser and you get a message saying «Can not connect«, You will know exactly what you should and what you should not do.

Note that after each of these steps, you should try to connect to a website in order to verify that the connection is working.

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If not, we advise you to continue with the next step to be able to give a quick solution to your Network problems.

If you want to know the easiest and most effective methods to solve the Network problems on your computer, we advise you to follow the steps shown below.

Network problems Make sure it is!

On some occasions, what seems to be linked to Network problems it may be due to a specific website; in the case of me accessing one, check with a few others to be totally sure.

Next, we will show you the steps you must follow in order to verify possible network problems.

Check the physical connections

In the event that you use an Ethernet cable to connect to your router, verify that it is connected and that it does not have kinks.

Once you have verified correctly, we advise you to check the lights of your router to see if it is transmitting the internet properly.

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If you notice that your router has its little red lights or they are not flashing, the Network problems They may be due to the fact that your internet presents possible interruptions.

Use the network troubleshooter from Windows itself

Windows offers you a tool to help you determine and fix potential problems automatically, keep in mind that once the troubleshooter has run, it can find and fix them.

Without a doubt when it comes to possible Network problems, this would be a good solution that you have in your favor.

Verify that there is a valid IP address

At this point you will have to have realized that the problem is not something temporary and that all your hardware works perfectly.

It should be noted that the next step will be to check that you don’t have any IP address strangers selected, to verify this, follow these steps:

  • You must open the configuration option, then to network and internet, then you only have to access the “status” section.
  • Under the heading that you can see, you must proceed to change the network configuration.
  • In the window that appears you just have to double click on your network name.
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If you followed the steps to the letter you will be able to see a status box, click on the property button to see if any of these is a static IP.

The Network problems They can arise for many reasons, but these solutions that we have offered you in this post are just some of the solutions to the most common network problems.

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