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Solution: Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration

There are many occasions in which our PC suffers from a problem that goes by name “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration”, this error appears without prior notice, so to give you a solution in this post we offer you several methods. Since this error can have several origins, we are going to give you several solutions as some may help you, what we recommend is that you try each one of them to get a much more efficient and optimal solution

It should be noted that the options that we bring for you are a bit easy and others are not, but in the event that the first ones do not offer you results, it is recommended that you use the difficult ones. In this way and with the help of our recommendations, we are sure that you will be able to put an end to the failure of the Invalid IP.

Valid IP
Valid IP

Meaning of “Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration”

To start correctly it is important that you know that “Ethernet” is known for being what the wired connection of said computer is called; which means that when you connect your computer to your router, you will be using that connection.

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This offers you the option of using the Internet connection to the maximum without drops, which happens on many occasions when the connection is used. WIFI.

As for the IP, this is the one that your Internet provider must assign you when you connect to their services through the same router.

Therefore, what the message of » Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration » You can have different types of source errors; One of the main errors could be that the subnet mask of our computer that indicates which part of your home connection it connects to, may have an incorrect value.

It is worth mentioning that a Invalid IP It could also be caused by an error with the DNS, which is nothing more than the system in charge of translating the addresses you enter in your browser.

To solve the error of a Invalid IP, We advise you to follow each of the following steps to the letter.

First step: Restart the router and your computer

Before starting to make configurations of which we have not the slightest idea, we advise you to restart your router and computer at the same time; since this process can help to solve certain specific problems that do not affect the configuration itself.

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Troubleshoot the Invalid IP With this method in many it gives positive results, in this way both your computer and router can be paired at the same time and start with the process of a valid IP.

Second step: Update all network adapter drivers

As part of the second step, this is also some of the options that you have in your favor to solve a Invalid IP, since you will only have to update or just reinstall the drivers of your computer.

It should be noted that to solve Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration, you must go to the option of Windows which is located at the bottom left of the desktop of our computer.

Ip not valid
Update drivers

Once there, you must click on the “device manager” option and you will be able to see a list of all the devices that have been connected to the computer.

After that, right click on your network card, and then proceed to update said driver.

ip not valid
Update driver

In case it doesn’t work, you can also try uninstalling it to reinstall it.

Third step: Proceed to change the DNS

On the other hand, to conclude with the error of Ethernet does not have a valid ip configurationYou also have the option to manually change the DNS for some of the DNS that we have brought you below:

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To proceed with this step and resolve the error Invalid IP, You must use the following DNS server addresses, and then just write the one that is of your preference.

  • OpenDNS, whose primary and secondary DNS are and
  • Google DNS, whose addresses are and
Ip does not validate change DNS
Change DNS

You can use the one of your preference, since both will offer you the same result, ending the problem of Invalid IP.

Step Four: Try Windows Troubleshooter

As part of the last step, you should not forget the troubleshooter that Windows itself offers; as this could help you discover network problems and proceed to give them a solution almost immediately.

To turn to this troubleshooter and say goodbye to the error of IP invalid, You just have to access the Windows settings, and go to the update and security option.

While there, on the left side, click on the troubleshooter, and once you are inside it, you just have to click on “solve problems” which will appear just by pressing the “Internet connections” option.

What did you think of all these recommendations and solutions? Although the Invalid IP It seems very little, it is important to know exactly what to do at the time it shows up.

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