The smart screen filter It is known by many Windows users, this is because it is responsible for preventing the installation of some applications, or the use of any application or program.

But why this? the answer is extremely easy to answer, this is because the smart screen filter It is designed to detect Phishing websites or files that are infected with some type of malware.

Smart Screen Filter
Smart Screen Filter

In addition to this, it is also a fundamental key to making informed decisions about the downloads that occur on our computer.

Keep in mind that if the file or application you want to download originates from a website that the smart screen filter consider dangerous.

The work of this will start, then from that moment you will notice that Windows 10 will automatically show us a message on the desktop where it specifies that Windows wants to protect our computer.

And in order to achieve this goal, it has had to prevent the start of some unknown application, all this process is carried out with the main objective of protecting and safeguarding our PC.

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If you want to run applications or programs without the smart screen filter can prevent its use, in this post we will show you the steps you must follow in order to achieve it.

Disable SmartScreen filter in Windows to run applications

If you want to know much more in depth about the steps you must follow to deactivate the smart screen filter, we advise you to follow the following steps:

The first option that you have in your favor can be found from what would be the message that Windows 10 shows us; at the exact moment we try to run such dubious application.

Although yes, the “Do not execute” button will appear, if we investigate well we will be able to observe that at the end of this message there is a “more information” link.

When clicking on it, in the message offered by the smart screen filter, we will be able to execute anyway, this means that the program or file will open in the same way but under our responsibility.

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Disable SmartScreen filter completely

But in addition to this option, you also have in your favor the way of being able to definitively deactivate the smart screen filter definitively.

For this, it will be necessary for us to access what would be the new security center of Windows Defender itself, which arrived due to the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

Once we are inside it, we only have to select the “Application and browser control” option, then then we only have to look for the “smart screen filter«.

Now we only have to deactivate this feature, in this way it will no longer be able to check applications or files that are unknown.

Keep in mind that by carrying out these steps, your computer will be seriously exposed to any malware or other attack that could compromise it.

What do you think of the meaning of filter SmartScreen? It is recommended that you only download files and applications that are totally safe, remember that your private security will be compromised when you deactivate it.

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