A slow Wi-Fi It is a problem that none of the people expect at any time, whether it stops working, and when wanting to review what is happening, it only appears that we are still connected but without internet.

Know the reasons why wifi is slow, is an extremely easy task to carry out; You just have to follow some of our tips and you’re done!

WiFi is slow
WiFi is slow

Although for many users it is a somewhat obvious task, it is not the same to have WIFI Having internet, WIFI offers the possibility for all our devices to connect to a network wirelessly.

So it is so that we can say that it is a connection, which is established between what would be our device and the router that is in our home.

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But yes, that these are connected does not mean that we have internet, it may be the case that we are connected to a LAN and it does not have any access to the internet.

Or failing that the slow Wi-Fi be the answer to said problem, and this could be that we are losing performance and we already wanted to solve said problem at our disposal.

A slow WIFI can cause problems. Find out how to fix it!

First of all, we must take into consideration the height at which our router is located, since it would be advisable to place it as high as possible.

Because even if you don’t believe it, how much a slow Wi-Fi is present, this may be the first thing we must take into account; remember that this should not be on the ground, much less behind any object.

This is how we can avoid all kinds of interference, and therefore the signal offered by our router will be easier to read for all our devices.

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On many occasions the slow Wi-Fi it can be caused by the metal around the router, as a general rule it is much better to leave the router in a place away from any objects.

Interference between devices and router

The neighbor’s router, household appliances such as the microwave, among many other devices could cause interference between what would be our devices and the router.

It is worth mentioning that although our router is sealed to prevent these waves from escaping, it is better to prevent this reason from doing the slow Wi-Fi.

Beware of background downloads

Other of the many reasons for a slow Wi-Fi it could be that your device is giving excessive use of bandwidth, something that you may not even have noticed to date.

We are going to give you a more common example than you think, maybe your computer is updating the operating system and that is why your connection is slowing down.

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For this reason, we recommend reviewing the windows task managerand even more so if the slow Wi-Fi is present causing large amounts of problems.

Proceed to reset your router

One of the drastic options you have in your favor is to reset your router, and leave it to its factory default values; after this we will only have to change the WIFI password and the access to it.

In short, we can say that these are some of the most common reasons why the slow Wi-Fiit could be present in our home and cause us problems.

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