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The company Microsoft has already started testing the first compilations of Windows 11 in the Insider program, program in which you can take part without having to meet the requirements, you just have to follow our guide.

One of the interesting news that the first users to try Windows 11 was the new and redesigned Start menu, which is now located in the center of the taskbar, however, it can be restored to its original position if you want.

How to put the start menu on the left in Windows 11
How to put the start menu on the left in Windows 11

How to place the Windows 11 Start menu to the left

Without a doubt, the new Start menu is one of the attractions of the new Redmond operating system, the company has introduced a complete change in its image inherited from Windows 10X that unfortunately did not see the light.

In all the Windows that Microsoft has distributed it brings the Start menu on the left side of the desktop, always characterized by its mosaics and by containing the most used applications, but in Windows 11 everything has changed.

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However, if you want move the Start menu back to its original location in Windows 11 You just have to carry out the following steps that we will guide you below. Before continuing, you should know that to perform the procedure you must have installed Windows 11Build 22000.51 or higher.

Note: Computer Culture It is not responsible for the misuse of the files that we will provide below, much less the procedure, since they will always be subject to its responsibility.

If you meet the requirements and have backed up your files, then let’s go there:

  • We download and execute the file .REG
  • And we restart our computer.

When our computer returns from reboot we can see that our Start menu is already located in the old position.

If you want to return to the new menu position, just open the file in a memo pad and replace the number 1 with 0 and save. Now it’s time to repeat the procedure.

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There is also the possibility of aligning the start menu by performing the following steps:

  • Right click on the task bar and then select Settings.
  • Then task bar behavior.
  • Task bar alignment.
  • Left.

And chan chan, we are done.

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