You need restore a Windows 10 PC? In the event that you need to erase everything and that it is in its factory mode, just like that from the moment you took it out of its box.

So for this you will have to make your computer return to its factory mode, in some cases you may have to do it due to a problem with Windows.

But don’t worry, restore a Windows 10 PC It is a totally easy and simple process to carry out, it does not require much time on your part.

Restore a Windows 10 PC
Restore a Windows 10 PC

Whether you’re getting ready to give your computer away or sell it, it’s a no-brainer that you want to clean it up by deleting all your old programs and personal files.

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It will be very easy for you to carry out the necessary steps to restore a Windows 10 PCwe will show you what they are and how easy it will be to follow each of these.

Below in this article, we have grouped for you a series of steps that will help you to be able to restore a Windows 10 PC and delete everything that exists in it.

Restore a PC with Windows 10 Follow these steps to be able to achieve it!

Before you begin each of the steps below, you’ll need to remember to back up your important files.

It should be mentioned that at restore a Windows 10 PC it will absolutely wipe out your entire computer; leaving her completely an empty shell.

As for the steps you must follow, they will be the following:

  • You must click on the start menu, and then on settings (it would be on the gear-shaped icon, which is located above the power button)
  • Proceed to click on the “Update and Security” option
  • In the panel that is located on the left side of your computer, you will have to click on “Recovery”
  • In the section to reset this PC, at the top, you will have to click on the option “Get started”
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From this point you will have to follow all the instructions that your computer offers you, to start restore a Windows 10 PC.

You will notice that this asks you if you want to delete your files on the PC or delete them all, you will have to click on “Delete All”, if you really want to return your computer to its factory mode.

But yes, remember that if you have any file that you do not want to be deleted, you will have to make a backup copy of what you want to save in another location.

Restore a Windows 10 PC
Restore a Windows 10 PC

Delete files and programs to clean the whole computer

When Windows proceeds to ask you if you want to clean your drive, just click “Delete files and wipe drive”, especially if you want to give your computer to someone else.

It is in this way that you will be totally sure that you have been able to restore a Windows 10 PCNow you just have to click on the “Reset” option.

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You must take into account that Windows It may take several minutes to reset and thoroughly clean your hard drive, but once your hard drive fully reboots, you’ll have a new computer.

How can you figure out the steps to restore a Windows 10 PCThey are simple and easy to follow.

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