Replacing the keyboard on a Macbook Air

MacBook Air keyboard replacement

If you work a lot with poppy seeds, then you probably drink coffee with it. Inadvertently, many people spill the contents of a cup on their MacBook. Lucky case – only the keyboard fails. In this article, we’ll show you how to replace the keyboard on your MacBook Air yourself.

However, we advise you to trust only professionals to repair your MacBook Air keyboard!

For repairs you will not need:

  • scapula;
  •  small Phillips screwdriver;
  • small forceps;
  • small screws.

MacBook Air keyboard replacement

Let’s assume that the MacBook has already been disassembled, and only TopCase remains in our hands.

MacBook Air keyboard repair

Gently peel off the backlight with a spatula around the perimeter.

Replacing the MacBook Air keyboard

We take on all the backlight layers at once. Otherwise, we will have to overlay them on top of each other, which is incredibly difficult to do.

MacBook Air keyboard replacement instructions

Peel off the backlight.

how to replace the MacBook Air keyboard

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew all the screws around the keyboard perimeter.

Mac Air Keyboard Replacement

Then we commit barbarism – we tear off the keyboard from the top case. Since it is attached with rivets, effort must be made.

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MacBook Air keyboard replacement

MacBook Air keyboard replacement

Here’s an old keyboard – you can throw it away, we don’t need it anymore unless you need to transfer the buttons to a new one.

MacBook Air keyboard repair and replacement

We take the top case and take out the remaining rivets with small tweezers.

MacBook Air topcase replacement

We take a new keyboard and tighten the screws that we unscrewed from the old one. Since the MacBook Air has cogs only at the edges, we take cogs from donor MacBook Pros – there, the keyboards are completely set on cogs. It is enough to put the screws through one.

MacBook Air keyboard replacement

It remains to put the backlight in place – see that the grooves in the backlight coincide with the top case grooves.

That’s all. I hope you have successfully replaced the keyboard on your MacBook Air

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