Currently there are more and more artists and companies that resort to watermarksthese are positioned in photos, videos, illustrations, documents, among many others…

This is done with the aim that other Internet users do not steal their work and the authorship of it is completely clear.

However, there are many types of applications and programs that will help you remove the watermarks without major problem.

Remove watermarks with these websites
Remove watermarks with these websites

But today we will not talk about those applications or programs, in this article we will show you some of the websites that you can use to delete the watermarks.

Whether they are found in videos, photos or documents, you will see how to eliminate them quickly and easily without further complication, and in just a few steps.

We must emphasize that the watermarks They are in charge of showing authorship in various kinds of documents, which we can observe in different kinds of documents. websites.

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YouTube and social networks demonstrate these brands, Photoshop It is a great option to erase known watermarks.

But in the event that you want to eliminate them without the need to download any program, these websites will help you to do it online and totally free.

Before showing you what they are, we must bear in mind that eliminating the watermarks of any document, and proceeding to use it supposes stealing the effort and work of another person.

Websites you should know to remove watermarks

The first application that you will be able to use for this task is Watermark Removeris based on blurring and smoothing so that the watermarks stop being visible in any format.

With its help you can eliminate the watermarks in images of different formats, how would it be:

  • JPG
  • PNGO
  • TIF, among many others…

In addition, it also offers you the possibility of eliminating the watermarksof MP4, MOV or MKV formats, among many other classes.

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remove watermarks
remove watermarks

Remember that you can also remove any imperfection from a photograph, and you can download the application to use it on your smartphone or tablet.

After proceeding to upload the photo to the website, you will have to select the watermark so that it is automatically removed, and you can download the final result to your device.

Photo effects Another incredible option!

Other websites that you have at your disposal to eliminate the watermarks, is Photos Effects, its operation is similar to the previous web page; just upload the photo and select where the watermark is.

Once selected, you just have to click on “Remove”, and you will have the image ready to download the final result of it.

It is worth mentioning that the quality of the image may not always be good, since it will largely depend on the quality of the image itself.


Another of the tools that does not require a high technical or professional knowledge, in terms of photo editing is hitpaw.

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You only have to carry out three steps to eliminate the watermarksin those images or videos that you upload to this website.

This platform, like the others, stands out for being 100% secure, guaranteeing that the files you upload will only be seen and edited by you.

What do you think of these websites to eliminate the watermarks? How can you realize that you will not need any knowledge, and you will only need a few seconds in this whole process.

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