When we talk about components that make up our computerWe commonly refer to RAM, processor or GPU; although on many occasions we do not pay due attention that hard drives bring to the computer.

It should be mentioned that without these elements we could not host the operating system locally, or the installed applications, much less our own data. It is because of all these reasons that we must begin to detect errors in the disk drives, since it is very common for these problems to spread to other components.

It should be noted that there are some applications whose main objective is to deal with these problems. Next we will talk a little about the CHKDSK command, on the Windows system, which has been around for a long time for this reason

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CHKDSK command
CHKDSK command

CHKDSK What is this command in Windows?

Despite the number of years the CHKDSK command It has been part of the Windows operating system, it is very useful in terms of solving problems, for which we will explain its importance and how it can be used.

The CHKDSK command takes care of solving these failures related to the hard disk from our computer; all this will save you the need to format said hard drive that is showing failures. Besides that the CHKDSK command will not help on the other hand to avoid the loss of important documents, and programs that are stored in our units.

CHKDSK command
CHKDSK command

Microsoft has not gotten rid of the CHKDSK command as it continues to offer very good results, But yes, for these reasons we should not think that this command will solve the problems that our hard disk may suffer. It should be noted that over the years and the different versions of the Windows operating system, the CHKDSK command has been improved, and it adapts to the current Hardware and software command.

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How to use the CHKDSK command and troubleshoot disks

All these problems related to our hard drive can start after we install a program, a new update, having eliminated an application or simply by deleting files that are important in Windows.

The first thing you need to do to get the CHKDSK command to workIt will be to write the command “cmd” in the search box that our PC has. As a second step, proceed to press the option «Execute as an administrator»When we find the faults related to these hardware elements, we select those that we want to fix immediately.

Once we are inside the command cmdWe must select one of the discs on our computer, of course this is as long as we have more than one. Then with the help of the parameter «F» the command CHKDSK will begin to fix the errors that were detected on the hard drive.

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It should be noted that with the help of the «R» parameter you will be able to know the information about the errors that were found and how they arose.

Without leaving room for doubt, The CHKDSK command will help you to solve these Internal faults that your hard disk has.

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