Know what the programs that use your CPU in Windows, It will be necessary and even more so when we realize that it is feeling a bit slow, and does not execute the orders in the expected time.

On many occasions this is accompanied by noises in the fan itself, in addition to many programs that hardly respond or do their job.

Programs that use your CPU
Programs that use your CPU

In many cases, this problem may be due to programs that use your CPU in Windows, which leave very little room for other different types of programs.

The best tool you have in your favor to find out which programs these are, is a great utility that is well known to many, incorporated into the same system and is called “task manager”.

To proceed to use the task manager, you must click on the right button on the task bar, in the menu that will appear you only have to click on «Task Manager«.

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However, you will also have the option to press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and you just have to select the task manager from the list that will appear.

To see the simple interface that the task manager has, we advise you to click on “more details”, which is located at the bottom of the window.

Do you want to know much more information about the programs that use your CPU in Windows? Then this is the post for you, follow our steps and everything will be fine.

Discover how you can see which programs use your CPU in Windows

In the window that will appear completely in the same task manager, you must click on the “processes” tab, and there you will see a list of active processes and all the resources that are being used.

It should be noted that processes are all those applications or programs that run on your computer, including all system functions running in the background.

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Below we will explain the steps you must follow, to discover what are the programs that use your CPU in Windows excessively:

Step 1:

To start sorting all the processes and see which of them take up the most use of your CPU, you just have to click on the heading of the column “CPU”.

You will be able to observe that the programs that use your CPU in Windows in an excessive way, they will appear in what will be the top of the shower list.

Step 2:

At this point, if this application takes up a lot of space on your CPU, you will have at your disposal several methods to close it.

Keep in mind that just right-clicking and pressing “close window” may be enough to put an end to the high consumption of said application.

Step 3:

After that the process will close automatically, if you notice that your computer starts working correctly; So it was due to that program that you closed.

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Step 4:

In the event that programs that use your CPU in Windows, They are part of the operating system or a process that you simply do not recognize; You can restart your PC to give it a possible solution.

We advise you that if none of these steps helped you, you could carry out an analysis with the help of your antivirus, from this you can be totally sure that there are no external factors.

What do you think of this easy solution to programs that use your CPU on windows in excess? Follow our steps and you will be able to solve that slow computer that does not follow orders instantly.

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